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Pine Prairie High School Reviews

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I like all of the friendly faces you get to see everyday. I would like there to be more activities offered.
I like how the teachers are friendly and that they get you prepared for college. They have a good football team and everyone is welcome. We treat you like family.
I liked how I knew everyone who attended the school and how it felt like family for the most part. However, academics need major improvement. I was not as prepared for college as I wanted to be.
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I feel as if Pine Prairie high school could have offered me overall a better high school experience. My experience was not much enjoyable and the academic side of it could have been much better.
Its a great school with a great environment. No kid is ever alone and we take pride in being panthers.
Pine Prairie has a friendly nature to it. The teachers are there to always help and can easily have a friendship with theses teachers. They make sure that students are engaged in their teachings and will help with any personal problems that students may have. It is easy to make friends, and people try to keep others' heads held high. The schools allows for many ways to earn college credit, most are free for students, and the staff look forward to seeing you succeed once a student is graduated.
Nice Teachers, Very Helpful. the teachers will take time to help students one on one if needed. When i attended this school the teachers and staff were very helpful. The counselor is extremely helpful to all high school students
The experience wasn't what everyone told me it would be. Sure I had some good times there, but most of it was terrible. The teachers were great, don't get me wrong. The students on the other hand. The students are what made the whole experience terrible. Even some of the fauclty made my experience crap. I would go home crying thanks to things that happened at this school. High school is not as good as everyone claims it is. It's not "the best 4 years of your life." Nothing would get done about bullying yet they claimed they stopped it. Pine Prairie may be "the best school in the district," but it certainly did not prepare me for life. Did not prepare me for the next 6-7 years of college I am about to face.
Pine Prairie is a great school. The things that i like about Pine is that it is a school of the arts. At Pine Prairie High School there is theater and visual arts. The art program is my favorite. There are many clubs that you can join. The field trips are epic, also the teachers are excellent. The things I would change are dress code, phones, and diversity. I think that we should be able to wear jeans and a tee shirt instead of a school uniform. I feel that we should be able to bring phones to school in case of an emergency. Also a phone would be good for free time after class or during breaks. Also Pine prairie is not as adverse as it should be. There is an overpopulation of white students, but the students are great.Pine Prairie High School is the place to be.
Pine Prarie Highschool is a very friendly school, and I have been going there my whole life. I love the fact that the teachers are very nice and helpful. Although that is important, the curriculum should be stronger.
There are lost of extracurricular activities at my school. My favorite club is Art Club. The cheerleader are very committed to cheering and supporting our football,basketball,baseball,softball,and golf teams.
My favorite experience at my school is when it's the last few day left in a semester and the teachers are no longer making us do work. During this time we talk about all the fun things that we did in that class. We talk about the fun things that we did. It's like discussing old memories with friends, it makes you feel good inside. I would do it all over again, because I made so many new friends I couldn't imagine life without them.
The teachers at my school make their lessons interesting by incorporating things that everyone in the class can relate to. The classes are taken very seriously but the students are comfortable enough with the teachers to joke around with them. The teacher care deeply about their students and their student's future.
The reason why I would go back to this school again is to be close to all the amazing people I met there. The whole staff are like family, loved spending time in theatre, and classmates are friendly.
A student can choose any number of clubs to be in ranging from athletic clubs to art clubs. Most popular was drama club, and administration was very supportive.
After graduation, I continue to still work part time at the same job and am currently in college as a freshman. Study hard everyday and try to be the best I can be in order to achieve my degree.
The Facilities are average, computer lab had fairly new computers, ACT prep was ok but teachers didn't really help, not much parental involvement, and busing was average.
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I love the friends that I have made at this school. However, not many of my happy memories were made at this school. It is a small school, and everyone knows everyone's business. The classes were average, and the teachers were even more average. Some teachers were great, but that was few...very few. In fact, in my high school career, I only encountered two or three really great teachers who made sure their students understood the material. There were no variety of opportunities or classes for students to broaden their academic horizons, so students graduating from this school do not get the best education. It does account for some things, though. It is hard to choose whether or not I would attend this school again if I had the chance. If I were to be able to meet the same friends again, then yes. But if not, then no, I would definitely choose to attend a better school.
The only athletic facilities here are a rather old gym with no air conditioning or acceptable bleachers, and it is rather small, and there is a relatively new football field, also. The baseball field is off-campus, but it is also quite old. The sports that the school indulges in are football, basketball, baseball, golf, and softball.
Students aren't allowed to wear different colors in their hair, and they're not allowed to wear decorative belt buckles. I can understand that some belt buckles can be very bulky and a danger hazard to students, but banning all decorative belt buckles is a little over-the-top. Also, some students want to express their individuality with colored hair, but to the administrators, it's considered a "distraction," which I believe is a little ridiculous. No student is going to be staring a whole hour at someone's hair color. Also, almost all piercings that aren't on the ear aren't allowed, including belly piercings. Those piercings cannot even be seen, so I don't understand why a student cannot have a belly piercing. Also, guys aren't allowed to wear piercings at all, not even ear piercings, which I think is ridiculous because guys can wear whatever piercing they want, but the administrators don't accept it. They also do not allow guys to have beards. As soon as they see a beard beginning to form on a male student's chin, they force them to shave it. I don't see where a distraction can be seen in the form of a male student's beard. Other policies are the norm, I guess.
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