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The small class atmosphere allowed incredible teacher to student interaction that fostered academic success. Due to smaller class size social life was much tighter outside of school as well.
Teachers are wonderful, the students are generally very academically intelligent and the buildings are well kept. A wonderful theatre program with a great theatre director, Mrs. Howard!
I have been enrolled in Pine Lake Preparatory since first grade. I love the school. My school has excellent teachers, and they try their best to prepare you for the future. They have a lot of sports available, as well as clubs. They encourage you to get involved and start thinking about your future by holding college fairs, club days, and asking critical questions about your passions, goals, major ideas, and college plans. I feel that my school is the best fit for me.
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I have enjoyed my time at Pine Lake Preparatory. I am currently a senior, and have attended PLP since the second grade. I think the opportunities and support from the staff and teachers we receive is unmatched by any other public or charter school. Although it can often be challenging, I believe it truly prepares us for college and beyond.
Kids and parents welcomed my daughter and our family as she was transferring in her Junior year. She left a competitive private school and found the work to be challenging and loved her instructors. Great experience for our family.
Pine Lake has awesome academics and teachers that really care about their students. Students can come to school and be loved and cared about by teachers and other students. Pine Lake has launched amazing sports programs and encourage students to their best performance.
I have been going to PLP since second grade, and I can honestly say their teachers have been an incredible influence through my life. While helping me through the process of applying to college, working with me through my IEP and guiding me with high school life. I am extremely happy I chose to go to Pine Lake Preparatory. Pine Lake has afforded me the opportunity to expand in my personal brand by creating the club Young Elites (an add on to the organization I have been an ambassador with for four years), in order to help young women within the community gain self confidence and strength to go outside of their comfort zone to experience all that life has to offer.
Pine Lake Preparatory is a very close niche community. Parents are very involved in the school, students get very involved within the community outside of school. When a student attends Pine Lake they will leave knowing the name of every student within their grade level, but also other grade levels. The atheletic programs are a 1A division. The school has had many state championship teams, as well as individual state champions. The class of 2018 has the most athletes competing at the college level for the 2019 school year. The teachers know the names of every student. Teachers at Pine Lake are known to keep up with students outside of school. They will send congratulatory emails to students on their accomplishments.
Pine Lake Just finished building a completely separate building for STEM programs. The building is beautiful and has really helped improve the campus experience at Pine Lake.
Pine lake Prepatory is a good school if you are looking for a small school setting that is fun and there is a sense of community when you go to this school
I have attended Pine Lake Preparatory since the second grade, when the school first opened. This first year, the school was set up in a small, temporary building and it immediately became like family. After moving to the new campus in third grade, I continued to be amazed through the years by how different PLP is. Going to the same school from second to twelfth grade has been like growing up in a comfortable community that still challenges me to be my best. The work is advanced, but the tight-knit environment allows for a lot of teacher communication and help if needed. Also, the Fine Arts and STEM buildings on campus help every student explore their passions and interests in a learning environment. The things I would change are the constricting uniforms and the lack of attention to student input. I would add more diversity and clubs to include different cultures and groups. Overall, PLP is an excellent school that has provided me with the confidence and skills I need for my future.
I have been at Pine Lake Preparatory since second grade and I never had any reason to change schools. It is a smaller school that allows me to have close relationships with my teachers. I was recently captain on the Varsity Tennis team and I could not have asked for a better coach. I think our school does lack a little bit of spirit but rival games never fail to disappoint. We do not have a cafeteria but the hot lunch options are fair and the food is good. Academically, in my opinion, I think this school has prepared me for college because of its rigor. We have quite a few options for AP classes and there are more honors classes than standard.
Teachers are either very good or very bad, and most barely care about student's well being. Students are very rude and they always feel entitled to whatever they please. Facilities are very nice with new buildings and we receive many resources for our learning. Pine Lake has almost no diversity, with a small handful of minorities such as I. Administrators don't do a good job with bullying/racism. There is always a lot of work due in a small amount of time, which is understandable because PLP is a preparatory school. There is no diversity between social groups, and most students come from upper class families. Racism is one of the most problematic things at PLP. As being a minority I personally find it hard to connect to people because of the lack of diversity. Students joke about different minorities and say racial slurs religiously.
It is a very good school and is working hard to improve itself however there are a lot of things that they need to work on.
It is a great school where everyone is welcomed warmly but it lacks in diversity of race and people's backgrounds. It is a mostly white school with a relatively high amount of affluent students.
Pine Lake Preparatory offers an excellent education in a nurturing environment detailed to each student. Pine Lake Prep has prepared countless students for a successful college career as a college preparatory school, and offers many sports and clubs that compete with neighboring schools.
Pine Lake Preparatory is an excellent school. Although it is challenging and the education is rigorous they try to prepare you for college and that's what's most important. What I would like to see change is if there has been a complaint about a certain teacher a numerous amount of times that they are put on probation. I also would like to see the school become a little more diverse but that may be hard since students enter through a lottery process.
Teachers are either very good or very bad, there are few in between. Administration does not care about students' health, wellness, or happiness, and only care about how they appear to others outside the school. Complaints of bullying and harassment (from both students and teachers!) were ignored and I was called a liar for reporting unacceptable things that occurred during after school club meetings. We are not allowed to graduate early, as it would alter their graduation statistics. Even though I enjoy both, art programs are being slashed to make way for STEM classes, as it makes the school look better. Most students are rude, entitled, and have little respect for others. I hope someone else has a better time than I did.
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Pine Lake is a smaller school which makes is feasible to form a sense of community with students, staff and parents. We also are fortunate to have the lower, middle and high school on the same campus. Not only can siblings be close by but also the schools can collaborate to have high schoolers tutor or mentor younger children. I would say that continuing to diversify the school with people and class courses will make it a big improvement.
When I first began attending Pine Lake Preparatory during my freshman year, I was immediately welcomed into a family. The students, along with the staff, at Pine Lake are exceptional. Throughout my experience, I discovered that Pine Lake is a community that supports and cheers each other on during triumphs in a student's school experience. Everyone at Pine Lake makes an effort to get to know everyone else on campus, and the friends and teachers I have made over these past 4 years have helped me to go above and beyond while achieving the goals that I set for myself.
I love this school! I just transferred in from a public school, and I already know PLP is a much better fit. I have learned much more than I used to at public school, and am a lot less stressed. I took away the star for the lack of diversity, as well as the social cliques of my grade. Other than that, I would recommend this school to anyone.
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