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Pine Island Secondary School Reviews

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I really like Pine Island High School. All the teachers are very nice and very flexible with things. I also like that they have many lunch options for people. Some classes are bigger than others, you will usually have 12 to 20 kids in a class.
Help is there if you look for it. Excellent faculty that truly, truly care. Would recommend to anyone. Academics could be more strenuous but are tailored to your interests. Initiate conversations about your schedule with guidance counselors.
The school and teachers really want students to learn and they provide the resources to do so. The school also brings in career fairs to direct us for after high school which is something that many other schools in the area don't do.
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I really enjoy the sense of community at Pine Island High School. Because of the small size, you get to know everyone around you. There are so many people you know will always be there. I also really appreciate the teaching staff. They care so much about my own, and every other student's educational needs. If there was one thing I would want to change about our school, it would be include more whole school events to take part of in the school day to have something to really look forward to.
I enjoyed the new renovations made in the classrooms, they could have come sooner though. The addition of the TV's make schooling easier than the smart boards that use to be in place, though they worked quite well in my opinion. Teachers are teaching at an acceptable level, though some classes could be pushed harder. Schedules are packed as no student is allowed to have two study halls unless approved by administration, which seems...subjective. Something I do not like about the current system is how much strain music classes take on the schedule, as they can potentially take up two periods of an eight period day, yet I see no solution to this problem currently.
It is a good school and a nice experience. I like the small class sizes and the teachers are all nice and willing to help us succeed.
It has a great sports and Art program
Pine Island is a great small town school. It cares about the success of the students.
Pine Island cares about their students.
Advancements could be made, but limited funding
This is my home. Nothing will change that.
I enjoy the sense of community the school achieves
Teachers are great, and always willing to help.
A little bit of peer pressure otherwise not bad.
There are many different options for clubs for you to join.
Teachers are very knowledgeable and are consistent in their grading.
I think this school is extremely safe, they take more precautions each year as technology gets better.
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There are a lot of sports and fine arts offerings.
The school does have a bullying policy and it is somewhat effective. The nurse does a great job.
I would choose this school again if I could do it over with. The teachers are always there and willing to help you if you ever need it. Everyone is really caring and all clubs, music, sports, and academics are important. Since it's a small school you can be in anything you want, no one gets cut everyone is involved. There is a small town feeling you get from going there and it's a great place to come home to, because they welcome you back with open arms.
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