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Pine Hills Adventist Academy Reviews

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I loved how friendly the school was and how you could get to know everyone there. I also loved the strong spiritual life we had there. The teachers were amazing as well.
They are very serious in preventing bullying.
The athletics are amazing here. Everyone is so supportive of one another.

The teams work together.
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The teachers are always willing to help the students in every possible way they can.
Our schools administration is very helpful to everyone.
All our activities are always fun and very appropriate for everyone.
We have opportunities to work out and keep our fitness in P.E
My favorite experience was going to the annual retreat, that is where I was able to meet a lot of people.
The school makes sure we are always on top of our game
The school always makes sure that health food is always provided.
Usually the classes are exciting, if you stay on top of your game.
The social scene at Oakwood University is very warm and accepting to many students. They make room fir differences to each person
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