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I have attended Pine Grove my entire life and have always enjoyed going to school there. the teachers are very encouraging and willing to help the students do there best.
I obtained a fine education at Pine Grove and the counselor was very adamant on having us prepared for college.
The faculty and staff are doing an amazing job preparing students for their futures and motivating students to do better and if it had not have been for them, I would not be graduating this year. These people affected me for the rest of my life and they are doing a spectacular job on helping students reach for better heightsin their lives, especially mine. Thank you for all you have done for me and for the hundreds for students you made a positive impact on. Thank you for making us better people and for helping us prepare for what comes our way.
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Pine Grove School is a great little community and the staff their works hard to help the students achieve their goals. I have been attending Pine Grove since I was in kindergarten and I always received the amount of one on on learning that I needed each year to help me understand the curriculum.
As a student at Pine Grove throughout my elementary and high school years, I know the upsides and downsides to the school. While the facilities, sports teams, and cafeteria do need more funding, the care taken by most of the teachers to be the best educators possible is unmatched. Teachers are fully invested and genuinely care about student success.
Pine grove is a small school where everyone know each other and are willing to help. all of the grades from k-12 are all in the same school. parents are really involved in the school along with activities. this is a school that cares for its students and the happenings of the community.
The closeness of a small school, more time per student.the teachers,are great they take the time to make sure the students understand and they are willing to help
Our basketball team is at state championship now.
There is 0 tolerance for bullying. Just don't do it
Support from teachers is strong in our clubs.
The workload is always within reason and achievable.
I would say that this school has its ups and downs. I wish they offered more rigorous course work, but the small school atmosphere also gave me the one on one time I needed with teachers to improve my test scores and such. I think Pine Grove all depends on your needs. My greatest memory was making Co-captain in cheer as sophomore.
I, as well as other students have the opportunity to use computers and projectors as well as other learning devices to advance in learning. The school also provides free tutoring programs Monday-Thursday for 2 hours a day. I think the bathrooms and such would be ready for an update. They are also in the process of building a new baseball field. Another thing that would help in advancing the school would be a building for the archery team to practice and hold meets in.
Pine Grove takes many safety precaution. For example, they have a no bully policy. The school also takes strict measures about entering and exiting the elementary school. No student is allowed to open doors for anyone. Teachers have to give permission to leave the building. Another great safety feature Pine Grove provides is a school nurse who comes once a week. This is just the beginning of the services my school provides.
Teachers have a way of getting to know there students because we are a small school. The students really feel cared for and have no problems with talking to teachers about assignments. The teachers also do a great job of not only presenting but teaching the information on test.
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