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Some teachers are great. A few of the teachers i have learned under gave me a new perspective on life, people, and all of the rest. On the adverse side of things, some teachers are not very good and do not take their job as seriously. Oftentimes under these teachers, students are subject to meaningless work and useless assignments that are either unrelated to the class or useless for education
It can be a very decent school, even wonderful at times, but some of the teachers there are rude and inconsiderate and no one can properly handle anything bad involving students. The kids are especially out of control, bullying is horribly out of hand.
I liked the wide variety of classes available to me at my high school. I would like to see an honors English course for seniors and college courses to be given at the high school.
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Pine Grove does a lot of fun activities. From homecoming actives like the powderpuff, kiss the pig, and spirit week. To pep rallies, talent shows, and sporting events. There is a lot or pride in our school and it just makes Pine Grove that much better. Basically everyone gets along at Pine Grove and it feels like one giant family.
Teachers at Pine Grove are always the best. The get along with the students and most are like friends to the students. The teachers are always there when we need them. the teachers are fun and do activities with the students, such as; pep rallies, homecoming events, and spirit week. The teachers are fun, but they are also respectable. They are good at their jobs and do well teaching students.
We have a variety of teachers but they really fall into 2 categories. Those who are relatable and I feel are good teachers and those who really just don't care.
If I could do it all over again I would still choose Pine Grove Area High School as my school. I have had many great experiences at this school over the past three years that I spent there and I plan to have many more throughout my last year there. The staff is fantastic and they make the learning experience so much better and I would not want to have any other teachers than the ones that I had/will have at Pine Grove Area High School.
I wouldn't choose this school. I was denied tutoring multiple times. I watched friends pass away due to suicide and drunk driving. Fights occur often and no one takes their education seriously.
Most teachers at this school don't try to engage the students. If help is needed a student must ask and work with the teachers schedule. Only a few teachers will go out of their way to help a struggling student. Teaching styles are outdated or they teach misunderstood things.
The school building is constantly in need of work. Many times the ceiling has leaked. The inside of the school should be repainted, especially the classrooms. The technology they have is pretty good. There is multiple computer rooms and iPad's for use. The school offers post secondary, college prep, and advanced placement courses. Most books are old and outdated. Tutoring is rarely advertising, therefore no one gets the help they need. Not many parents are involved with the school. Busing is what I assume average.
Throughout the past few years, this school has had multiple bomb threats. The bathrooms are never cleaned correctly. There is cameras throughout the school, although no one ever watches them.
Not many faculty members are willing to help. The dean of students seems to think that everyone is up to no good, constantly screaming at innocent student. The principle looks the other way at this. As for the Board of Directors, they cannot agree upon anything. There is a new superintendent every few years due to the stress of the job. Bullying is not addressed correctly in this school. The school repeatedly tells everyone that bullying is bad, but the many teachers are the bully's themselves. The attendance policies are constantly changing and the school never alerts anyone about it, causing for many problems.
I was unsure of going to college after I graduated. I was not confident about going to college and did not feel prepared for the "real world." I didn't know what I was supposed to do next with my life. There was no training for working or going to college you just had to figure out what to do next and if it didn't work, move on. I believe that certain things should be taught or encouraged in high school, such as how to fill out the FASFA.
There is not a lot of options to choose if you want to join a club at this school. Even when one would join a club they would rarely meet or do anything at all.
I think that they should take care of the cyberbullying situations more.
The dress code should be enforced more. Some students have awful attendance.
There are many clubs at my school. SInce we have a small amount of students in our school, the club membership is not as high as others. Our Future Business Leaders of America chapter has 44 members. We have some dedicated members. About 30 students perform in the Cardinal Spotlight Theater musical production each year. Our band has a lot of participation with about a quarter of each grade level participating.
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I loved all the teachers. They were always there to help and answer questions.
Their science labs were excellent. I took mostly science classes and there was always the equipment that we needed.
Since I have graduated, I have heard there have been numerous bomb threats. Something needs to be done.
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