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Pine Forge is a boarding school. I like its setting and location, it's in the country where your view is green lawns and wooded hills. It is peaceful. I like the close bonds students form with each other and the faculty.
This is a school where teachers and faculty really love the students and get them to do their best.
And this school has lots of events and tours that allow us to show our talents and also have exposure to the world around us nationally and internationally.
Pine Forge is very much an acquired taste. You have to have a positive mindset to appreciate all the things about it, which is a life lesson in it of itself. I would love to see more student involvement with the dynamics of the school and more student leaders who will actually take initiative.
I love the Adventist Community!! The students and faculty truly become like a family away form family in a home away from home. The teachers aid you in your academics and emails are sent out to let you know when you are falling behind. The deans are also great and really supportive.
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Pine Forge Academy was an experience I needed to have in order for me to be successful in the college life. If it was not for Pine Forge Academy, I really do not know where I would be. I matured quickly, learned how to work independently but also collaborating with others, I leaned useful working skills for the work environment, and so much about having great character.
Academically, Pine Forge Academy has prepared me to do great things. I am challenged in the classroom, and when I need help, I receive guidance and I am able to fully comprehend what is expected of me. My English course is the absolute hardest class. It is literally a college prep course. I learn how to properly take the SAT and ACT. I get tips and tricks to help alleviate the stress when it comes down to preparation.
At Pine Forge Academy you have students who come from all over the country. Students come from at least 14 states across the nation and islands such as Jamaica, Barbados, St. Croix, The U.S. Virgin Islands, and Trinidad. The Caribbean population on campus keep students grounded in their culture and their faith, as everyone is respectful to the SDA faith, whether they are part of the church or not. Some students are not Seventh-Day Adventists, but are Presbyterians, Baptists, and even Orthodox.
The people at Pine Forge really contributed to my experience
The teachers are all around fully engaged in student and school life.
The school is safe and there isn't anything that would make you think differently
If you want to get involved it is easy and worth it, but if you want to be free after school its easy to avoid.
It's a boarding school but the parents that live close take on a parental role of kids that aren't even theirs! They make sure all of the kids that go to the school are taken care of and want for almost nothing!
The teachers are there to help you succeed. They do all that they can to make sure that you understand the material fully, they challenge you to do you best and don't except anything less than that.
The teachers are very knowledgeable and caring.
They take safety very seriously. The nurse is readily available.
I love the leadership skills that they learn. I love the traveling, concert choir and acting group on campus. I love the personalized attention that the teachers give.
Students are 100% safe. There is never anything to worry about.
It could be better, but the issue is all about funding.
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Because I attend a boarding school, most parents are home while their child(ren) are here. The attendance of parents is not high because they can't come to every single game or event we have.
Some of the teachers at my school love the students, while others just seem to do it because they want the pay.
Basic and some AP classes
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