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I love my school. I think the restrictions are a bit much though. For example, it isn’t fair to take away bathroom passes for everyone. Using the bathroom is a normal bodily function.
My overall experience here at PFHS has been great! I've got to know a lot of so many different kinds of people and made so many kind friends. If there's one thing I would change it would be the one rule that we are not allowed to leave during lunch hour.
Pine forest is an extremely friendly school, while it does not have the most updated facilities or the most academic students there is less trouble with peers troubling each other than most schools, the academics are like two different schools being the below average and the significantly above average(due to academy classes) to change it I would provide more freedom for teachers to make rulings versus those blanketed to districts as there are different circumstances based on school, unfortunately that is a level above the school so I will have to work very hard to effectively change this.
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I love my high school! Pine forest is one of the best high schools in Escambia County. There aren’t many cliques at pine forest, which is a good thing because we all kind of blend together and befriend one another. There are loads of activities that students can join in to have an excellent high school experience! There are different types of academy's to choose from that help prepare you for the real world. Overall, pine forest is an excellent school.
I loved the family of ROTC unit personally. The way that the instructors were always there to help and guide us through of beginnings in life helped shape me into the person I am today. Along with this was also the groups of friends I made. They all felt like family and we had each other's backs. The classes were also nice throughout the school. We would only have one occasional poor teacher, but for the most part it was a nice school
This school depends on the person you are is hit or miss. There are students who don't care and are going have the hardest finding a job, but there are students that I can see will be really high paying positions changing the world for the better. Teachers are the same, some do their job and thats it, some don't care at all and will literally tell their students they are doing it for the paycheck and finally some are really exciting and make sure their students are engaged. The school has a really nice NJROTC course and their sports teams are all right, as I had little experience with it. Overall not too bad but too good either.
Things deffinately improved over the years. When touchstone started it was a really rough start and didnt really improve til after I graduated. I heard everything improved dramatically after I graduated; safety, administration, communication, academic, involvement, everything changed. For the better.
Pine Forest was pretty great all around, at least as great as I feel high school could be. All of the teachers for the most part are very unique individuals with fascinating styles of teaching. While there is not so much offered in the artistic field I am pursuing, the teachers were amazing in history, science, and especially foreign languages. Lunch food left a lot to be desired, but the social environment was friendly and open.
Great school! Besides taking test all the time it was a nice school. Wish I could’ve learned more. Teachers and staff were very helpful and nice.
Pine forest is a pretty good school to come from. The school is pretty nicely kept. It has amazing administration. It offers very many activites during and after school. This includes student government association, cheerleading, rotc, football, basketball, soccer, track and field, national honors society, rho kappa, volleyball, and so much more. Any parent should be proud to send a student off to this school and any child would be proud to attend and say they have graduated from this school.
Pine forest is a well all around school. From the faculty all the way down to the students as long as everyone is applying themselves, there’s no way anyone can fail
I experienced a lot from The Forest, I've had many ups and downs, long stressful night and even longer days. The school is large and sometimes I was afraid that I would become another face and if you're apart of a regular class then that's exactly what you could become. My freshman year I was in a regular class with no honors and was being bullied by another student and had reported her several times even when they were being physical with me and the whole year no actions was taking place so I lost control of the pent up anger of the bullying and had to suffer the consequences. The next school year I applied for honor classes and I was no longer bullied by anyone and anytime there was conflict the honor teachers cared a lot more and intervened and conflicts were put to rest.
The one thing that I wish was fixed is when a student is crying out that teachers don't ignore it until there's a bigger problem and the student is punished when they have to take measures into their own hands
The school was haphazardly laid out and the reduction of time between class periods (from five to four minutes) was unnecessary. The inability for smaller classes to exist prevented me from learning (i.e. I was unable to take any upper level language courses due to a small class sizes and a refusal by the administration to learn independently with the help of a teacher).
Not the best school but has the bare necessities. Although, there are very good academies, such as the Digital Media academy which I passed last year with two certifications in the Adobe products: Photoshop and Illustrator.
I am a student who had the misfortune of graduating from this sorry excuse of a school. The staff were unprofessional. Anything that will keep them their borderline C rating. Any regular class is a disruptive environment that cannot be well kept and any honors or AP class is taught by someone who probably doesn't have the degree to teach it, they just passed a certification test that they might have failed numerous times beforehand. They might as well be borderline sabatoging the education of their students., but that would almost involve effort, and there is no effort put out there. Literally, your chances at college will be jeopardized here by their inability to do anything in a timely manner. And hey, who needs a decent education as long as the administration gets ID locks on their doors and nice golf carts, right?
I really enjoyed the honors teachers and the people there. The administration tries to be very involved and to create opportunities and activities that everyone will enjoy.
i would really like to see more involvement with the students and give more food choices. but most importantly i think the teachers need to care more there students,instead of just wanting a pay check.
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Pine Forest overall is a pretty decent school. It allows kids to be themselves while getting an education. But is the education they are receiving up to par? The school’s schedule throws students off being that they only have certain classes every other day. Learning something new in math and then taking a test the next time you see your math teacher isn’t very helpful. The schedule doesn’t allow students enough time in those core classes to grasp the new concepts introduced to them. Although they are 1 hour and 30 minuets long the students lose several days of class time when they are on this type of schedule. I’m my opinion the curriculum was easier to grasp and understand when every teacher was seen everyday instead of one group one day and a different group the next day.
Pine Forest is a very average school but it's lacking staff that actually cares and wants to help you succeed. In their eyes it's basically "eh" which isn't great for any school. Also I would like for the food to be better because it is not great or filling most of the time. And no one really tells you about college especially the senior teachers, you'd expect help but no one says anything unless you ask and when you do ask it's not enough to really help.
Pine Forest is a very good school, I love the teachers there, the learning environment there for me was great. I love to learn and they helped me with any learning problems I had. I feel as if the students need to be more engaged.
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