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The teaching is great, although they could change how much time they give us to get to class. They have hall sweeps and it is hard for a student to get from one side of the school to the other in 4 minutes, especially when there are a lot of students in the school.
I think they have a great staff and overall they care about the kids. I would like to see maybe metal detectors in all school and security at all doors to help protect our children a lil more .thanks pine forest for all you do for our children!
The principal was fun and nice. The teachers cared about every student. I love the diversity. I love the school.
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I didn't have a great time at Pine Forest High School. Nothing to do with the school, I just had my own problems.
I just moved to this school last October. Moving in the middle of my junior year from the same school I have gone to forever made it so I had high expectations. I was pleasantly surprised. Though it was a totally different playing field to my old school, this one let me excel higher than I could ever think of in my old school. The arts and sports programs especially welcomed me with open arms and made it much easier for me to get comfortable.
Overall a good experience at the school. The sports teams at the school all generally perform well and the games were always a fun atmosphere and you enjoyed being at them watching or participating in the game. Although there were some mean teachers, most of the teachers I had were amazing and fun and really enjoyed their job which made the class and learning enjoyable as well. The lunch was okay but that's most schools.
teachers played obvious favorites and in certain clubs if you aren't one of the favorites your aren't getting in. The admin. always seem busy but never seems to get anything do, the zero tolerance policy leaves nothing to the imagination and often causes more harm than good. But there are some teachers who are truly great at what they do and some don't get the credit where its do and gets taken advantage by their students. Most smaller clubs don't get the reorganization they deserve because they are steamed rolled by clubs such as SGA and NHS. So over all the experience at Pine Forest High School was a little more than dull.
Pine Forest High School for me was a great experience like people say it’s all in what you make out of it like any school it has the good and the bad but it’s what you choose to be around and who you choose to be successful with. Mr Culbreth always says this is a school we’re everyone and everything matters and that is one of the realest things that you would be able to see in our school is that everyone and everything really matters Pine Forest was really good to me and has truly prepared me for my future endeavors and I will always call Pine Forest High School Home. -Hannah Farmer
The experience I encountered at Pine Forest High School has been the uplifting, most hard working, inspiring, and a teachable group of teachers I have had for the my ninth, and tenth grade.
This school's sport department long distance, and football has also taught me team leadership, agreeing to disagree, and good sportsmanship towards your members , just as important among others on the opposite team. We have grown to help each other by talking our problems out after class, excepting our differences.
Thank you for the opportunity to have my experiences shared among all of our school districts.
Aiesha Hernandez 10th grader
This school shaped me into a better version of myself. We became more than peers and friends, we became a family and I appreciate and cherish the experience I’ve had at pine forest.
Honestly, coming into high school as a freshman was terrifying. I had no friends, the school was huge and the numbers for rooms was soooo confusing. But throughout these 4 years, I made lifelong friends and connections with people. My counselor, shoutout to Mr. Davis answered any questions I ever had, he helped whenever he could, and made sure to reach out to me if he thought I would be interested in colleges, or things of that nature. My teachers always encouraged my success and when the school showed out they SHOWED OUT. Spirit week, the senior picnic, even the theatre shows they put on, everything was inclusive and fun no matter what. Now as a senior and as I approach my final days at Pine Forest, I am more than glad I chose this school to grow as a person and learn who I was and prepare myself for the next step in life.
What I liked about Pine Forest High School was the diversity and how the teachers went above and beyond to make sure we were learning and preparing me for the next chapter in my life . I am so blessed to have had the opportunity that made me the student that I am thank you to all the staff and teachers that made my 4 years at Pine Forest so wonderful.
I would like to see Pine Forest High School have more diverse classes. Since I moved from a school of relative same size, I somewhat expected Pine Forest to meet the same level as my previous school but it didn't. Granted it did have a better administration and Pine Forest connects with the children trying their best to get what each child wants with the limited resources they are provided. Pine forest probably just needs to be given more resources to be a better tool for students.
Great school, teachers care about their students and there are excellent opportunities for students to get involved
Pine forest is overall an ok school but it could definitely be better. The academics need to be revamped.
I liked how I was able to skip a grade through taking online classes and with the help of my counselors. I do not like how segregated the school seems. Minorities who come from low class incomes are rarely seen in honors or advanced placement classes. This needs to be changed.
Pine Forest High School is a great academic school The AFJROTC NC-074 is an amazing class it teaches students leadership and the program are to educate and train citizens for the future. Parent's I would highly recommend signing your child up for ROTC Thanks for your cooperation
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This was a fairly nice experience at this school. I would change the curriculum in academics a bit and have it more focused on preparing students for college.
I like the diverse variety of different types of students and teachers. The teachers there use different learning styles that appeal to all students. At Pine forest i genuinely feel cared for by the teachers and administrators. I am enjoying my time here very much.
Pine Forest High school is able to provide a place where you do not mind getting up and going to everyday, the teachers are very fair and seem to try and do their best to meet the expectations of every kid.
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