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Great education, but can be difficult for individuals who don't necessarily fit the affluent lifestyle and certain social norms of the environment.
Pine Crest is a very inclusive environment compiled with individuals with a passion for teaching and aiding students. Students have access to endless opportunities and resources at their fingertips, and because of this college readiness is ensured.
I would like to see more school spirit! There is so much focus on academics that the only time we really come together as a school is during homecoming week. I’d like to have more pep rallies or events like that!
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Academic based private school, that does not recruit athletes. The cost is worth the money for children that are high achievers. A safe environment with engaged teachers.
Excellent School for academics. Most teachers are very good, Chemistry teacher is horrible, not sure why they brought her back for a second year, she is not up to Pine Crest standards
Pine Crest is a very good school academic wise. The teachers have a lot of knowledge when it comes to their specific subject and they are always willing to offer students extra help. Although Pine Crest is challenging and extremely competitive, the teachers and your fellow classmates are always there to help you.
Great school!! What is not to like!! Prepares kids for college and life. Incredible resources in both the staff and the physical plant.
I am a former student at pine crest and I have to say this is probably the best school in Florida. The teachers are passionate and knowledgeable and the kids are great and listen. I left pine crest because the drive was too far but I am devastated I did. Overall Pine Crest is an A+ school.
Pine Crest School offers everything a student could possibly need. The academics, athletics, and arts are all equally incredible.
My four children each spent 14 years at Pine Crest. The each went on to outstanding university’s and each have become highly successful in their careers. I need to mention so did the vast majority of their classmates. I owe a lot of their success to Pine Crest and the outstanding faculty.
I’ve had 2 kids go through Pine Crest since Pre-K and 1st grade. According to them, they love the school and teachers. Obviously not all the teachers and kids, but overall they were/are very happy at Pine Crest.
Pine Crest is an amazing college preparatory school that helped me increase my academic potential and get into an Ivy League University- something I would have never thought to be possible. However, with great prosperity comes great burden. The school is very taxing on its students, as many of my fellow classmates have suffered from depression and anxiety due to the pressure that we are put under daily. But this is also to be expected from the amount of sleep we get from our work and extra-curricular activities, as well as our ability (as teenagers) to find troubles in whatever we are pursuing. With all things considered, Pine Crest is an amazing school that will benefit every student student in the long run.
I loved the fact that Pine Crest was exceptional at preparing students for college. But what I didn't like was the fact that some teachers didn't always seem to care too much. Also, the difference between their honors and regular courses is too extensive. I believe that a student in Spanish Regular should be learning the same material as a student in Spanish Honors, just not at the same pace. Because the levels of these courses are meant to accommodate a student's learning curve. How does the school expect for a student in regular courses to ever end up in the AP courses if that student is learning all the required material for an AP course?
I really liked my time at Pine Crest. The teachers are there to help you and will do what they can so you can reach your goals. They have strict rules at Pine Crest but its easy understand them and eventually get used to them.
I have been attending Pine Crest School since I was 4 years old. The educational experience received at Pine Crest is extraordinary. There is an extensive list of extracurriculars for students to get involved with. Although challenging, teachers are always helping students with time management. The school provides students with a College Admissions Office that helps students from choosing their classes freshman year through the college application process. The athletic facilities are top of the line, but the teams aren't all fantastic. The reason for this is because the culture at Pine Crest strongly promotes an academics-first mindset. Overall, I have had a great experience at Pine Crest and would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Pine Crest School, although extremely challenging, is a very warm, friendly place to attend. The teachers are always encouraging students to come in for extra help, seek peer tutoring, and work extra hard. The students are competitive with one another, however, they will always push you to do your best.
Most of the teachers are very dedicated to helping the students succeed rather than just supplying the information. The students and teachers have positive and productive relationships that stems from an eagerness to learn new information and apply it to everyday life. The school's ability to engage all different types of students in an active learning environment is absolutely remarkable.
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Amazing school with so much to offer. Administration is supportive and accessible. The teachers are enthusiastic and passionate about their subject. Many opportunities to grow as a person and as a student.
I've had two of my children graduate from Pine Crest and I have 3 more to go. We love everything about the school, it's academic rigor, the values that are instilled in our children there daily and especially the teachers and the administration.
The best part about the extracurriculars at this school is that you are able to do nearly anything. It has all the options and more that you could ever want, which is excellent in that it suits all of the student body's needs. The only downside is that the level of involvement in most clubs is relatively low.
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