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I've been at Pine Creek High School for all four years of high school, as well as two math classes in middle school. The academics are great, but I'd like to see honors classes return, since otherwise there's no stepping stone from the drudgery of regular to the struggles of AP classes.
Pine Creek High School is one of he best high schools in Colorado Springs. Not only does it offer a wide variety of academics but also a wide variety of sports and clubs. Pine Creek has one of the best football teams in the state of Colorado which offers a great experience to be able to watch a winning team and be apart of a great program as well.
Most staff are very helpful and the sport programs are great one thing to note is that the principal should really try to interact with students more than just sitting in her office
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I have loved my time at Pine Creek. The teachers are far better than other schools or school districts in the state, and the student body consists of people who are academically motivated and athletically driven.
I love the school its music and art programs are amazing and the teachers really care about their students.
Being involved is the best way to find your people. There’s so many clubs and you’ll find your fit. I was hit the ground running to do it all and find my passion and piece in the school
The school was great except for the school spirit. There was not a lot. THe school also had many cliques which made it hard for new students to fit in.
Pine Creek High School is a great place to grow as a person, the staff and administration are full of amazing people who genuinely care about all students. I have grown and learned so much in my experience here
It's a good school with a great environment for learning and building relationships. The education is great for college bound students and they have a high rate of students that go to college. Its a very competitive environment that pushes you academically. Over all it is a great school
It is an all right school but the staff could have been a bit better. The clubs were abundant and well funded and the academics are some of the best in the state. The all around atmosphere was less than stellar, though.
The classes here are really good and teachers are for the most part amazing. I especially like their Computer Graphic Design classes, where you can get certified in Adobe Photoshop for a super inexpensive price! Like half of the people are stuck up rich kids, but I never really talked to anyone, so it's fine. I transferred from Rampart, because that school wasn't the best, and I really liked Pine Creek, so that was awesome. Also, the school wifi sucks like half the time, so hopefully they fix that.
Pine Creek offers an array of clubs, sports, and extracurricular activities for its students. It takes pride in its diverse accomplishments through these opportunities. Where Pine Creek struggles is the individual student mentality and school culture. As a school, Pine Creek has a plethora of advanced and regular classes that enable students to broaden their spectrum and persue many levels of knowledge.
Pine Creek High School has offered a positive yet realistic learning experience. The teachers and administration are aware of the enviornment they are creating and care about each students' individual needs while allowing students to take responsibility for their actions and truly create their own future.
The people at pchs are there you can make friends fairly easily. Overall a good school. Just wish more money was spent the tech department.
Overall my experience with Pine Creek High School has provided an understanding of the fields of study that I enjoy while forming the bonds needed to continue to succeed in life.
I started at Pine Creek as a freshman and I was new to the district. I felt very welcomed and comfortable with the environment. The teachers helped me when I struggles and I was never afraid to ask them questions. They offer lots of clubs which helped me find my closest friends. The sports are great and the school spirit rises above any other schools in our district. Something I would change is the class help. They should establish a tutoring system for students who don't have flexible schedules and need extra help in challenging classes. Around testing season, they should have certain study groups for specific classes, especially AP classes.
Most teachers love to form close bonds with their students and will do anything to help them achieve their goals. There are great school councelors that care about every member of the school population, but there could be more emphasis on seeking help for mental health issues. There is a school psychologist but she works in the shadows which isn't entirely beneficial to students. There is very little diversity of race or religion but the people of the school tend to be kind and supportive. The administration is the main problem and they tend to be oppressive towards the student body, but the rest of the school is great.
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The teachers and staff are overall Very Good. They are almost always ready to help you and as long as you send an email, will be sure get back to you during the week. The food is standard take out food with little healthy food options, although yes, they do have Chic-fil-a. The Sport programs are fantastic and all of them will prepare you for college athletics.
I am from Peyton a small town east of town, but I always attended D20 schools. My family decided that district 20 was the best option for my siblings and i because of their superior education and adaptable learning. I loved all of my schools in district 20, but as years went on i noticed things got progressively worse. My freshman year at pine creek was the dream high school year, I went to every football game, I was a varsity athlete, had amazing teachers, and i loved my school. It was as if everyone was connected, everyone supported one another, and we had so much pride in being Pine Creek. Now, I look up at empty sands for football games, I see bullies, kids with egos bigger than they are, bathroom walls are covered in writing, the school is broken. I miss my Pine Creek and I only wish I could help bring it back to how it was.
Pine Creek High School allows students great opportunities to choose a wide variety of classes, sports, and advanced/honors'/AP classes. It is set in the most beautiful Colorado landscapes and has updated its safety recently by having armed security and check in at the front of the school. The sports teams at Pine Creek High School are consistently up for state titles (especially football, baseball, and wrestling). The lunches are offered by a variety of restaurants such as Chick fil a and Pizza Hut as well as offering Chinese food, subs, and healthier options. The school has many opportunities to get early college credit through AP classes, honors classes, and a partnership with Pikes Peak Community College for technical classes.
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