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For one of the poorer counties in Minnesota, Pine City Secondary School does a great job. Compared to other schools around here, we excel at many things from our music to our basketball programs. They of course have some faults like any place, but overall, I am glad to be graduating from such a hard-working, innovative school.
The staff are amazing people who always make time for you ! The activities offered are by far many more than surrounding schools . Of course the school always has drama , but the school is great at talking to and taking care of any issues/ drama that comes to their attention.
My experience at Pine City Secondary School, other known as Pine City High School, as had its mixture of emotions . In my mind, Pine City High School is the typical high school experience for a little town like Pine City. Pine City High School trys to push its students with the resources it has. Although Pine City High School is not very diverse, the teachers at Pine City High School try to involve its students in as many different cultures as possible. The teachers at Pine City High School are very caring and try to push students to better themselves. Pine City High School staff try to better the school enviroment to make sure the students have the best opportunity that they can have chance to succede in their lifes as they gradute high school and become working adults.
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I liked the fact that we could take college courses. It helped prepare me for college. I didn't really like the food. Sometimes it just tasted bad. Other times the portions weren't nearly enough.
I really like all the new changes being made in the academic and athletic departments. I would like to see an automatic water fountain added in the gym because those are very useful.
It is a very small school with very dedicated teachers. I wish that the academic adviser would not try to influence students to go to college as much as she does.
Pine City Secondary really doesn't have any extracurricular opportunities except sports. Recently, they added a volunteering club which is great, but there are no other clubs for students. They have student government but you have to be elected to be in it.
I love the staff at Pine City Secondary, but I struggled with other students. The students of the school aren't really nice to new students or students who are really good at something. The students do not like outside competition. I felt bullied and disliked by students my very first day.
I think most of teaching staff is great!
It was a good very positive, but some of the students don't like show respect sometimes.
This school was pretty great. They have a love for their city and a passion for school spirit. I love that they offered ASL and were able to create a class for us that gave us college credit. Another thing I love is the set up of the high school. There is a seventh grade house and an underground gym.
Pine City is a School that is big on sports and music, so we have a lot to deal with those subjects.
We have a great community, and the school really focuses on bringing us together and trying to stop bullying.
Our school has a variety of extracurricular activities available, and they've been adding more every year. There's something for just about anyone. Only the delinquents who choose not to apply themselves would have trouble finding something to do.
Every year we go through the handbook and take a test on it. So, the rules are well enforced here.
We have many options at PCHS for all sorts of people. But I believe our CIS classes are the best. Through these classes we get credit from the U of MN, and they get us very well prepared for college. Most of the CIS classes are popular with the students.
All of the teachers that I have had at PCHS have been incredible. They know their subject well, and they know how to prepare kids for college. They are also very involved with the students and communicate very well with them.
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Over the past several years the school has taken a strong stance against bullying, and it seems to be working.
In the past couple years our school has changed and advanced a lot. We have incorporated iPads, and chromebooks into every grade. We also recently added on a brand new auditorium. We have also added several new college classes through the U of MN as well. The guidance counselors are extremely helpful and are always there to give good advice and to help you. They are doing a great job on getting rid of bullying through events and info sessions. The school tries very hard to get parents involved through fundraisers, fun school events, and other things.
At Pine City we have sports year around. We have 14 different sports. Many kids are involved in the sports, and many kids attend the games to support them. In Pine City school spirit is very important, we are very proud of our athletes.
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