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Pine Castle Christian Academy Reviews

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Pine Castle is a relatively small school with a family environment and qualified teachers for the job. There is a lot of potential for one on one student-teacher interactions thanks to the small classroom sizes, especially in middle and high school.

The previous administration from earlier in the 2017-2018 school year has left it somewhat of a poor state, however things seem to be looking up with the new more qualified administration coming in to build it back up.

Overall, I would say that my experience with Pine Castle Christian Academy has been competent, and they stay true to their motto of "[preparing] the next generation [...] to impact the world for Christ".
I am a mother of 3 students and i highly value Pine Castle Christian Academy!
Incredible teachers.Very organized in everything they do.
Excellent curriculum.Everyone is kind and helpfull the minute you enter in Pine Castle Academy.
I like the teachers and staff. I would like to see the curriculum change and the location, etc. I feel like this school needs to become a school that is at the center with Christ.
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Moved our 7th grade middle school student there. We were welcomed from day one. Entire team is amazing. They are reigniting her joy of learning
A well-intended school with a good community of teachers and faculty. The curriculum was not the hardest, and the discipline taught to students was lacking. At one time was a sport giant, but has since lost a lot of its funding. Great people in a great area.
Pine Castle Christian Academy I believe is a great school with great teachers. I've enjoyed my years here. I've enjoyed playing soccer for the PCCA Eagles and have had great times. Ever since join my grade has have altered greatly. Not that I was doing terrible before but it just have given me that push that's needed for college and as a person. One of my favorite things is how I learn about God every single day. And it is never tireing.
The Administration at my school does not always provide the answers to the questions the students ask, especially in the guidance center. However, they are really good with hearing what the students have to say and responding back.
The teacher determines what the students are required to learn. Sometimes, it seems as though the teachers do not even know what they are teaching.
The best thing a school should do is to help prepare for the future of the student's life.
There wasn't much to do in terms of after school and clubs unless you were in sports or drama.
I really do not remember there being a school nurse, if you were sick they took your temperature and sent you home. I think we had one security man, it was a small school.
Normal cafeteria food, but nothing that I would actually pay for and eat.
The building we used was small and consisted of some portables, the only large room we had was the gymnasium and it had poor seating as well as a bad odor.
Being a small private school all of the teachers had a good relationship with both the parents and the students. As for dress code it was strictly enforced on certain occasions otherwise students got away with a lot.
The school had a good strong sports program but if you were not good at it, you would not be on the team.
Most of the students after graduation go to top school, whether this is due to academic excellence or the depth of there pocket is unknown.
It was a private school so a lot of the people that went there had a good sum of money as well as almost all being of the same ethnicity.
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Everything was really easy I didn't feel very challenged on an intellectual level.
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