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Pine Bush Senior High School Reviews

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I had an overall good experience. It was high school, so it was what you made of it. The teachers varied with some being terrible and some being so motivating. I think the vast majority truly cared about their students, which I know you can't find everywhere.
Pine Bush is a great place to live and have your children attend school. There are 7 schools in the district. The sports programs are great. The cafeteria food is good.
It's an average school but some teachers don't really care whether you get what they are teaching. Other teachers are really cool and eager to help you.
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The summer activities that you can do at the school gives you credits towards certain classes so you don't have to retake it later in the future. Teachers help a lot. The principals get involved with school spirit and push their students towards the right path. The school does lots of activities and clubs and sports that students can participate in.
While slightly cash-strapped, Pine Bush Senior High School has some of the most quality teachers in the county and their sports programs are very decent as well.
I came to Pine Bush during my sophomore year. I came into the school with a rather negative attitude because I was against moving to the area. Despite my negative attitude towards the school, I had to do my best to keep my grades on track. I met some outstanding teachers than became more like mentors for me. My art teacher was my all time favorite. Pine Bush has an exceptional art and english department. The gym teachers are the absolute worst. They take their jobs way to serious, and don't realize that they affect students GPA's tremendously. The guidance counselors there don't seem to be much help (at least mine wasn't). Administration is more focused on pinning students in detention rather than helping them and diffusing situations. The nurses are the best people that school has. They treat students more like their own kids. They care, not only about students education. They care about their well being and whats best for them. Overall Pine Bush is an okay school.
Although I graduated in 2014, PBHS was a decent high school. The faculty were usually helpful towards students in concerns of success. The school is very community involved and always seeking to help. Even though it's quite diverse, more education in diversity would be ideal. Offering more classes on languages other than Spanish and French would help.
The school needs cosmetic work and updated appliances. Although the teachers generally care about their students success there is a lack of teacher to student understanding and a lack of compashion for individuals.
I had an average time there; resources were limited and teachers were either too heavily involved for comfort or not involved at all. Faculty, especially administration did not provide a comfortable, safe environment for students of color at all.
Our school offers a variety of sports teams and clubs for students to join. I competitively swam and maintained good grades for all of my highschool career, and got to be captain of my swim team my senior year.
The school offers a large variety of different programs for students to take part in. Our school exclusively offers excelsior academies that help students experience different aspects of their desired careers. I participated in 'Literacy and Education', where I got to observe and work side by side with teachers and administrators.
Teachers in this school were usually more than willing to help any struggling students. Most of the teachers I encountered seemed to be motivated and genuinely enjoyed their jobs.
I've never felt unsafe in school. When it comes to school nurses, they're very nice and great people who can take care of students well. Everyone is also required to pass health class in order to graduate. In the class so far, we've learned about diseases (including STDs and cancer), nutrition, and values.
When I think about it, I think there's an average amount of extracurriculars. Commitment varies, although it's strong in things like student senate, mock trial, and unity club. I think the best ones are those having to do with art like the literary magazine club (although it's not always efficient), musicals, and plays. Administration support hasn't been much of a problem I don't think, except for the step team. It ran during my freshman year and only part of my sophomore year, although it's failure is also due in part to unorganization.
I love the encouragement and honesty I've received from teachers throughout the years. Also, I'm very involved with the music, drama and art departments here, and although my experiences have been amazing and so much fun, I feel these departments don't get enough funding- or credit. I do love this school, but if I had to do high school again, I'd be torn between the experiences I know I enjoyed here, and the bigger opportunity in other schools.
For the most part, all the teachers are great. I learned that the hardest teachers are often the best at their job. Every year, without fail, I had at least one teacher who I learned a lot from. Most teachers I know care very much about their students, and it's the things they do outside of their main responsibility to teach that truly make a difference.
The sports teams are the best. All three of my sports teams were valued for the amount of scholar athletes on the team.
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The teachers are always trying to get their students involved by using the computers to show us examples online either if it is an educational video or a song that helps us learn the lesson. Teachers use everyday events as lessons in the classroom, like in Economics, the teacher uses the presidential debate and the rising of gas prices.
we have a excellent school nurse. Our security guards are always around. We have a great anti bullying program
PBHS has many clubs and after school activities. We have teachers against students basketball and volleyball games. We also have school pantry for families in need. There is a lot more great things that happens at PBSH.
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