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Pine Bluffs Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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The sports were good but the academic is not the greatest. The school mainly focuses on sports and if you are not good at sports you do not get as much attention academically. Some of the instructors were not very professional. The area of the school was in an okay area. Was nice that everything, gym, field, elementary school, and high school were all right next to each other.
In my experience at Pine Bluffs Junior/Senior High School, I have found that I enjoy the sense of community the school has. You can know everyone by name so that makes teaching a lot more personalized and individualized for the student. The only thing I would change is the food.
There are so many things that you are encouraged to do here and its so fun.
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The experience at this school is amassing and if I had to do it all again I would not change one thing.
The teachers at my school are amazing they go out of there way to make sure that you are understanding and always makes sure that everyone is involved. You can go to then before and after classes and get extra help if you need it and they are really nice and understanding.
The classes offered at Pine Bluffs High School are very good. The only complaint I have is that we only offer one foreign language class, and that is Spanish. Still, our teaches really go out of their way to provide a comfortable learning environment and they teach more than they have to. The workload all depends on how much a student wants. If a student wants to have extra homework they can take extra classes, but the average student's workload is not overwhelming.
The school administration really thinks about our student body when they develop new policies. They conduct surveys for parents and students alike. We have very good anti-bullying and dress code policies.
I have not attended the cafeteria at my school my senior year, but i regularly ate there all my other years. The food options were not all that diverse, but all of the options were good! We have a salad bar everyday where students can get fresh fruit, vegetables, and salads. The main course always provided protein to get the students through the rest of their day.
Pine Bluffs High School has a very safe environment. We have a small student body and bully is hardly ever noticed in it. Everyone has at least one close friend here. But, when kids do feel like they are being attacked, or even if they are a little uncomfortable with anything at all, we have a great guidance counselor! She truly cares about the kids and gives great advice. All of the staff here is on the look-out for bullying and they stop it immediately if they see anything suspicious. I feel just at safe at my high school as I do at my own home.
There are plenty of extracurricular opportunities are Pine Bluffs High School. The most fun in my experiences have been clubs, Spanish Club, and sports, such as cross-country. Although this is a small high school, the majority of students immerse themselves in after school sports. Much of our student body is involved in football, cross-country, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, and track. Even the kids who do not participate in sports come to games to support their fellow students.All of these sports teams are couched by teachers at our school who are very supportive and get to know their students as athletes. Besides sports, Pine Bluffs High School has clubs such as Spanish club and the newspaper team. The Spanish club puts on "game nights" for the rest of the students that are super fun! The newspaper team puts out a monthly newspaper about the school every month and even does our yearbooks every year! These clubs are supported and lead by staff at our school. I believe that if any student at Pine Bluff High School wants to join something outside of school they will definitely be satisfied!
I had a great time at this school I don't think I would of wanted to go anywhere else .
I like this school it was little so it has its ups and downs but the teacher and staff were great!
The school needs to work on getting their athletes into the gym much more than they do. They have a good facility just need to use it. Also school spirit and fan spirit needs some work.
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