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The opportunities for interacting with other peers are limitless however more activities are needed for the students to participate in.
I like how the teachers are dedicated to helping every student learn the knowledge that they need in their lives.
What I like about Pine Bluff High School is that you never feel like you are alone and I could always count on a teacher or administrator to help me accomplish my goals.
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Pine Bluff High School has taught me many things with the most being self discipline. Overall, the school is average and has made many improvements within a few months after I graduated in May.
My experience at pine bluff high school was good. I met nice people who soon or later became my friends. The school had its ups and downs, but out of all my years of school this was the best. I would like to see in the future a new staff and redoing the school.
Pine Bluff High school's educational environment is one of the main things I like. The educational experience has been wonderful and the teachers are always well prepared and ready to teach. The school's safety has always been a big concern with Pine Bluff High, we have great security guards who make sure everything is always okay and everyone is safe. Pine Bluff High has always been a good school to attend and it is the best high-school based on sports and academic capability to attend in Arkansas
Pine Bluff High is a great school. I enjoyed my years attending and my experiences. However, the school does need a few changes. Passionate teachers are very much needed. Students often find themselves passing a class with flying colors, but they did not learn anything. The teacher just passed out worksheets and he/she explained how it should be done. The teacher does not know if we actually learned anything or not. I can count on one hand, how many teachers actually care if their students learn. A pine bluff teacher's favorite sentence is, "I already earned my degree, i do not care if you get yours." That does not encourage us students to better. Pine bluff high needs to fix this problem fast.
Pine Bluff High School is a quite decent school. Although there is a lot of room for improvement, we all don't mind coming together. As far as what should be done for future references, they should start by trying to get the students engaged. The teachers hardly teach, and you're never safe on campus. The food is horrible and we have little to no resources. If something isn't done now, who knows how Pine Bluff High School will turn out.
One thing I really like about Pine Bluff High School is the staff. The teachers and administration really care about you and they treat you like family. However, I would like to see improvements with the lunch menus. Students should have a wider variety of foods to choose from.
What I like most about Pine Bluff High School is teachers are very driven to help their students. One thing I would like to see change is having more activities for the students.
Pine Bluff High will always be home, but the school that I attend now has been made a mockery by its own people. The students, faculty, parents, and everyone who encounters the school treat the school as a joke, but it has so much potential. The school needs a push in the right direction, and people who truly do care.
I like that some of the teachers here really do care for the students and try to help us succeed. Our school spirit and athletic department is also top notch, but I don't like how the academic structure is set up. Also some of the other teachers here don't care about students at all.
I like that you have some teachers that still care about the students, but what i would change is the things that they don't teach to help with college. For example a class on law or other things as far as debates like an after school function.
I enjoy school on certain days like game day, but other than game day it isn't much to do at school. I also understand that school isn't about always having fun but I feel like I wake up everyday to go to a prison. My school needs more diversity. We need more fun things to do so keep just going throughout the year because school gets rough sometimes.
I am a senior at Pine Bluff High School, who has been attending since my sophomore year. Many people look down on this school, but there are so many great opportunities here that students do not take advantage of. There are numerous Pre-AP and AP courses to choose from such as: AP World History, AP Physics, AP Biology, and Pre-AP Pre-Calculus. PBHS offers free breakfast and lunch to all students. There are various clubs and organizations to join, such as Beta Club, National Honor Society, Art Club, History Club, What's Next Pine Bluff, JROTC, our championship-winning sports teams, Choir, Band, Orchestra, etc... My school offers ACT Prep and allows for every student to get two free fee waivers for the actual ACT exam. Many of the teachers here care about the students’ education and are willing to stay after school just to help them with work.
I had some great moments from school, but that's mainly due to football.
The teachers are at times can be the most uncaring people out there.
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The extracurricular activities at Pine Bluff High School is amazing
At Pine Bluff High School the academics offered are excellent and much needed to prepare students for college.
The health and safety of the school is fully enforced and used everyday to keep students safe and protected.
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