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I love the small size of my school. Everyone knows each other and is very friendly, and there is hardly any bullying at my school due to the small size. You can tell that the staff members care about the students so much, and they definitely go out of their way to make sure everyone succeeds. The only thing I would like the see change about my school is the dress code. I feel like it is very sexist and unfair. Only the girls get dress-coded, and the dress code policy is extremely altered towards the needs of the boys. I was unable to put my favorite senior picture in the year book because too much of my shoulders were showing. Aside from the dress code, I love my school.
Small and close knit. Only a few AP classes, but several very good teachers. Sports are ok. Several clubs very committed to improving the school community.
I graduated in 2011 the teachers where nice and took the time to make sure you understood what you where learning
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Pinconning High School is an outstanding educational institution with loads of diversity and events to attend. Throughout my years at this school, I've been taught a profuse amount of material in each subject of study. The teachers here truly care about your success and provide you with all the tools necessary to prepare for life at the college of your choice. The multitude of activities one can find themselves enjoying, including Pep Assemblies; Varsity Sports; Spirit Week; Clubs; Prom; Homecoming; and many others, bring the students together to create a bond among classmates and create engagement outside of academic study. Although the school could use a bit more financial aid, Pinconning High School performs splendidly given the resources it has, and I would not trade my experiences here to attend any other school in the state.
Pinconning High School has many amazing teachers that everyone usually gets along with. This makes classrooms feel much more comfortable and learning easier for getting help is easy and pressure less.
Pinconning was a very nice school to spend four years at with have everyone so close and able to know everyone and always have the community behind us and have help whenever we needed it. Some things I would like to change is the food it is absolutely terrible the food is greasy and their is molding spoiled milk. Also we do not treat every sport the same they steal money from other sports accounts to pay for popular sports equipment like football. They should make all sports teams foundraise not just the small unpopular sports all sports should
It is a decent school but I would recommend ones in the area more. The academics are decent but there is little to no diversity.
The one thing that Pinconning did very well was keep students safe. Doors were usually locked and all teachers had ID cards. Guests were to sign in and have passes to be inside the building. Also, a policeman was usually posted around the campus as were hall monitors.
The most funded and supported extracurricular in Pinconning High School was the sports programs. Clubs were available however they were poorly funded and not given much attention. Even though most people paid attention to the sports events it was extremely difficult to motivate people to actually attend matches/events.
Pinconning High School overall was not a great school experience for me personally. The very atmosphere of the building is not friendly or inviting. If I were to do it all over again, I would pick a different school. Pinconning was definitely favoring the students involved in sports. Students that were struggling or weren't involved in clubs or sports were usually ignored or pushed to the back burner.
The teacher at Pinconning High School are always available after class and usually give decent lessons and lectures. Although I believe that technology is well utilized in the school, the overall quality of the school is not very good. Most teachers do not seem to want to know students on a personal level. Sometimes the lesson plans are a bit sloppy and most teacher do not seem very interested in the topics that they are teaching about.
When I was in high school, many teachers weren't very great; some made inappropriate remarks in class, some were known to get physically rough, one was known to screw with your grade if he didn't like you, and a teacher and a counselor had a very public affair, while the teacher was married to another teacher. Our school was a mess, but there were a few teachers scattered about that were/are kind, caring, and passionate about what they do.
To assure students, faculty, and parents that students are in a healthy and safe environment the Pinconning School Board came together with a proposal to ensure that these goals were met. At Pinconning High School there is a strict bullying policy where no part of bullying will be tolerated. The school puts on bullying awarness, suicide awarness, along with drug and alcohol awarness assemblies. For security measures the school locks it's doors during the day. It has security cameras and regular practice drills for future potential threats. Students are required to complete one semester of health during their sophomore year. On occasion there will be random drug searches to make sure that there is no illegal substances on school property.
Committed clubs that are offered to anyone who wants to make a difference
Upon attending Pinconning High School I have had great experiences along with some embarrassing moments that happen in every teenagers life. My favorite experience is being able to participate freely in groups that make you feel accepted. Things that make it unique is that for a school that is not that large everyone cares and supports one another. Pinconning Area Schools have a strict policy for bullying where it will not be tolerated. For that I am appreciative because I creates a safe environment that students can be creative and express themselves. As stated in the previous review the teachers and staff are a huge component as to why our school is so great. If I could do it over again I would choose to stay because I have grown and learned essential life skills while attending. I am and have been preparing for college and life after college at this school. The seems are only a small portion of many great thing about Pinconning High School.
The quality of teachers at pinconning is excellent. The teachers are always trying to find a new and inventive way to help students learn and create a fun and safe environment. The teaching styles they use are real life situations, but are personal to each students career of interest. As a current student I have determined that the staff and teachers are very knowledgeable in their major. Almost every teacher I have had during high school has always made it clear that they will dedicated their free time into helping with studies, finding colleges, academics, and more. I only say almost all because I am a Junior and have not met all of amazing teachers. In every room there is a teacher who is involved in a student club or organization that are relevant to the students at Pinconning high school. The teachers communication with students are effective. They can deliver a new topic effectively and think about the frequent question tell students may have. The teachers grading scale gives every student an opportunity to go above and beyond. They are consistent in the ways they grade each individual.
In my school we have a lot of options for clubs and organizations, such as student council, SAE (Students in Action for Education), Mock Trials, Theater Club, and even a Ski Club. The amazing thing about my school is that if you want to be in a club or organization that doesn't exist, you can get a couple of friends and an adult representative and create whatever school appropriate group you want. To get funds they sell stuff for fundraising approved by the school.
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I have gone to Pinconning schools since kindergarten, but I've herd stories about other people's old schools. They would talk about how some teachers were rude and kids there had bad attitudes. Sometimes they would even say that there was a bullying problem at their old school. At Pinconning schools, I've never had to deal with things like that. My school has always been a positive place to be, especially most teachers and students being happy and kind to each other. Because my school has a small population of students, I think we're almost like a big dysfunctional family in some ways. We bond together at sporting events and mourn together when we lose one of our own. If I had to do it all over again, with out a doubt, I would defiantly choose to be a Spartan again at Pinconning High School.
At my school, Pinconning High School, the majority of our teachers show that they truly care how far we go in life and make sure we are being prepared for what the future has to bring. To many of the teachers, their students are considered to be their kids away from home and they treat us as if we really are their own children. All of Pinconning High School's teachers show a great passion for teaching.
it is a very tight knit school. the teachers are ready and happy to help you if you don't understand homework. we have activities that can involve everyone in the school and have motivational assemblies around the time of exams, which help.
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