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Pinckneyville Community High School Reviews

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Very friendly, inclusive and a positive place to attend. Faculty do their best to help students, helping them with any problems they may have.
The things that I like about Pinckneyville Community High School are that the facility is very clean, the teachers always have the appropriate response to every situation they encounter, the teachers also always have a good attitude. The students are willing to learn for the most part.
I like the fact that my son likes the school and is doing well. He is also on the football team and doing good.
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Loved it! Great and understanding teachers who will always be there to help you whether it be with class work or personal problems. Family community, great learning environment, and just an overall great place to go to high school.
Small town and small high school. I loved that I knew everyone and the band is a cool club to be in here!
Pinckneyville community High School is a small high school in Southern Illinois. The class sizes are small offering individual teacher attention. A variety of classes is offered there. There is something for everyone!
I enjoy the fact that art is now a program again at the high school, but I dislike the teachers' treatment of kids sometimes. This is not an issue with some of the teachers, some of them I really enjoy. There are just a select few that seem like they need to respect people more.
Our school nurse is a lovely lady she is always in her office and ready to help. Our school os very safe to we have an office that stops in often through out the day to make sure everything is going good.
My school has tons of clubs. The most popular being FBLA and green team. They are both lead by amazing teachers that are super fun.
I would not choose this school if I had to do it over again. The staff is great and all but I would like to go to a more diverse school. That has more people and more class options.
Many of my teachers are great. Like many other schools though they could be better.
The school nurse is very good.
There is a wide variety, but some are poorly organized.
I wish agriculture and art classes weren't cut out. Some priorities were out of order.
Most teachers are very good at their job while others are allowed to fly under the radar.
I believe this school is great because of the sense of community among staff, faculty, and students.
Pinckneyville Community High School is a great place to go because it bring the town together in many ways. Whether it is sports or academics, PCHS and the students are always involved in the community.
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I had a great experience here, made great friends.
Love the friends I graduated with, but wish the teachers were better and I got a better education.
Most teachers don't care about class or students, they care if the team they coach is going to win the game on Friday night. Most teachers there are to coach and they don't teach very much inside the class room. Some teachers are great though, my accounting teacher made me fall in love with the business side of the world and she cared about all of her students so much. The math teacher I had for Algebra was great, and then the other teacher I had for Algebra two was also great. My geometry teacher was a bully to many students in ways and was very intimidating, to the point I was scared to ask for help.
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