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While I love the small communities at PHS, whether it’s ACT 2, sports, or clubs, it’s infuriating when you want to excel academically, but the school/administration does not cater to the elite. Can really only take AP classes during 11th/12th grade (some are only offered one year) and most are offered during the same hours. In order to do well on standardized testing, students must study with outside resources. Diversity is SEVERELY lacking, and it shows with how the administration deals with prejudice/discrimination. However, despite these weak points, I’ve had fantastic teachers who seem to genuinely care about our education and future. Extracurriculars offered in the school are fun and add to the local culture, and sports are competitive within our league.
Pinckney is an average school, but I think that the teachers are not progressional. Many of them are hard to communicate with and don’t seem to care about your wellbeing. The student body, however, is fairly united.
This school is very easy to transfer to. I just transferred to this school and within a week I was all caught up and in swing with the other students. What I like about this school is that it lets you be independent but with rules. Its very laid back but you must get your school work to your teachers to be able to pass the class. The thing I would like to see change in this school is better directions to where the classes are. Other than that the school I feel very comfortable and safe in this school.
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I will graduate from Pinckney Community High School. It is a very modern, small town high school. It has a highly rated robotics and metals programs. I liked the small town feel of the school and how everyone knows each other. If I could change one thing, I would want the school to budget their spendings a little better.
I think that there are some amazing teachers at this school who truly care about their students and what they're teaching but there are also different aspects that Pinckney could improve on.
There are some really good teachers at the school that actually help students prepare for college and life, but there is also the fair share of bad teachers. Some of the sports programs do good, but I know that many are underbudgeted (except football which gets all the money) and some of the coaching staff have questionable credentials. I will say though, that the clubs like ACT 2 are a lot of fun and I would recommend joining any of the after-school activities at the school. Diversity is like zero at the school and there aren't many cultural activities, but the students do try to engage in other cultures (though I think this area is probably what Pinckney needs to work on the most). Overal I think the school is a safe place to learn, but the district does need to invest in more academic resources and needs to get a better food provider.
My experience with Pinckney High school was very eye-opening. I realized that you get out what you put in. The teachers are always willing to help, and there are many academic opportunities for students of all types, but not for freshmen and sophomores. I do believe there is a significant lack of communication between the students and the administration. Most of the clubs are pointless, but quite a few students engage in them, so it's good for being involved in the school. Winter at PHS is treacherous.
Pinckney Community High School has great staff and everyone is willing to learn. Not just because we have too but because we need too. There are a lot of AP classes that help prepare students for life in collage. The New Tech program is wonderful I only have one class in it but I love it I wish all my classes were NT. The NT program teaches students for life after schooling and how to public speak proficiently. One thing that could change is that the students who attend there do not accept LGBTQ+ students all that much. They get criticized for being who they are.
Pinckney high school is a great learning environment with a diverse selection of elective classes for students to explore their interests. This has become specifically helpful to me in finding my love for robotics. With our top end robotics lab I have gotten the opportunity to enter this realm of technology. Pinckney high school also offers one of the top cyber security programs in the country and a New tech program which is a project based learning system.
The schools are nice, I feel the high school needs some work. I don't feel that they are on top of their students, there are some bullying issues that should be addressed better. Of course this is in all schools, but the high school doesnt show that they are trying to put a stop to something like this. Other than that it's a good school.
Its a small school, with classes averaging 25 students. Really nice robotic and metals program. Decent at Sports, and in a small town.
Pinckney Community High School prepared me much for college. For many students it is hard to say that. I knew once I got in my junior year I wanted to go into the business world. My teacher, Cyndi Millns, was and is a phenomenal teacher. She will always be my favorite teacher. Joining Business Professionals of America(BPA) and taking two full years of Virtual Enterprises International(VEI) had helped me beyond the length I needed for college. I attend a small private business university and within my first year taking college business courses I can say I knew most of the basis covering the courses and was pleased to come from a school that helped prepared me in the business area. Most teachers at Pinckney Community High School taught me well and I appreciate the education I obtained from attending the high school. I felt very safe at Pinckney Community High School, and I never had to worry about being unsafe.
Pinckney Community High School is just what the name entitles, a community. A place where kids can feel like they belong no matter what. It was a positive and amazing learning environment I was greatful to experience for four years. I would like to see a change in matience and maybe more ways to generate money for the school to help make events, technology, and the school itself above and beyond.
The educational experience is wonderful, and overall, a great school to learn at. The only complaint I have is the food is not great- but it is a public school, and the diversity isn't see very much at all.
I thought that Pinckney High school has been slowly improving. There is a lot less drug usage and the programs are starting to update. The reason why they haven't been able to update in the past, is because of the debt that the school district is in. Most recently a bond was passed and they were able to redo many of the athletic fields and replace equipment as well as make cosmetic changes to the inside of the school. Pinckney has an outstand technology program that surpasses any other programs around it. Pinckney has taken top 3 places in national meets for robotics and machine tech as well as cyber security. Pinckney is unlike it's surrounding school districts because of the unique 21st century learning styles it incorporates into it's curriculum, to get students involved in what the workplace is heading towards.
There should be more advanced courses and better art classes
Very little diversity, but most people are accepting.
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There is a large amount of clubs and extracurricular activities more get added every year.
There are a lot of chances to use new technology
There are honestly some teachers that really shouldn't be teaching while others are amazing at their job.
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