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When I was going their the dean of students was the best person she was more invested in our futures than many of us were she kicked our butts when we slacked and gave us boosts of confidence when we were down.
I have had a wonderful experience here at PPHS the teachers really care about their students. it could imporve academically.
This school is different in the best way. With this school I could graduate early and focused more on what's important, which is my education.
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There is no homework and the teachers are pretty nice but the administrators are dumb. The curriculum is easy to follow and the food is pretty good.
The staff are very helpful and friendly. They go out of their way to help the students graduate a year early or on time. Some stay late to help the students finish their work and make it feel safe. Students can go to the teachers and talk if they need to.
I started off as a younger freshman student, unexperienced with a lot of realities of the world and thinking I knew it all. While attending this school, I have experienced a lot of good and bad things but most importantly, I have learned, and still am, learning something from every single one. Also, I have gained so much knowledge and wisdom about the world and how life will always throw you a curveball when you least expect it.
You take all the classes you need to take in order to graduate. The scheduling process is terrible. The workload is more than anyone can handle, its none stop. If your gone for a day you have to complete 20 worksheets plus an additional 10.
Peer pressure is everyday at that school, if you say no they call all sorts of mean names and ask the next day and do that until say yes. Its every hard to be accepted there if you don't smoke, drink, party, do drugs, wear the same clothes, cuss, or have sex you will be bullied all the time. Being religious feels like it is forbidden there because if you wear anything that you believe in you have to change because you are "offending others". If your Mexican your automatically considered an immigrant, they don't want to be friends with you, they tell you to go back from where you came from, and call you names. If your black or white you have nothing to worry about because all the staff members favor you.
There has been several students who have left because they were bully everyday, they would tell the teachers, the dean, and the counselor and all they were told was they would take care of it, but never do because the staff members have favorites. The students are racist towards each other. They have one security guard who is always on his phone, inside talking/ flirting with the students and staff members, and letting students leave as long as they bring something back for him. The security guard shows up when he wants to. They had two in the beginning but the fired the first one for doing the same thing this security guard was doing. This school is very unsafe. Homeless people walk on campus when they "forget" to close and lock the gates. Some teachers call the students stupid and they are never going to make it in life.
They offered tutoring and 1 or 2 clubs. For tutoring 3 teachers would stay. One teacher would take students for a hike once or twice a month on Saturdays, Sundays, or when we didn't have to attend school such as holidays, summer vacation, or grading days.
I would never return to this school or recommended it to anyone. Ms. Whitmore (the counselor while I was there but is now the principal) made my three years going there the worst. She lied to my family several times and to me. She didn't care about the students. She would yell at you in front of everyone instead of talking to you in private. To me it's unprofessional. The office manger isn't better she's rude and will give you attitude if you ask a question. It's one of the worst schools I have every stepped in.
Some of the teachers don't care and if you ask them for help they make it an issue telling you that you should have paid attention instead of whatever you were doing. They cuss at students and don't know everything they are teaching. Some tell us how much they make and talk badly about other staff members. The only time they actually talk is when the principal is in the room if they are being observed. They also take forever to grade your work. It takes them a month to grade a week of worksheets.
I was able to finish high school in only 3 years
The teachers at Pima Partnership High/Academy School are very incredible. I am not going to lie and say that ALL the teachers were the best. That is not true because even I had issues with certain teachers. But there was always 3/4 of teachers that really understood and interacted with students. There were teachers that talked to students that were having bad days and hear them for there problems and in some way help them out with whatever they needed. There was always students that had no place to live and teachers, staff, principle, counselors would do there best to find a home for them and give them what they needed until they were settled in. Like I said this school is like a family and we all help in one way or another. We do have issues at this school sometimes but we always find a solution to a problem.
Well when I began at Pima Prevention partnership there were not many activities to attend to. But since I volunteered and began to work for my old high school there has been many activities and organizations added. There is soccer, basketball, flag-football, cheerleading, culinary, book club, dance/zumba, web-design, math; reading, writing, science tutoring, there is also a keep the world green club/class. Those are I think some of the activities I know about. But many students enjoy these clubs because you can hear the kids talking about them in the halls. This school is small but many students like it small because they get all the help they need from teachers, staff and friends.
I started at Pima Prevention Partnership in 2008. I first attended the Academy and moved on to the High school. So I been in this district for 5 years. I been motivated the entire time I been at this district. I was able to graduate early and become really close with the staff members. I always described this school as a second home because the students here always got along and everyone is always welcomed to this school. I was suppose to graduate year 2012 in December but I decided to stay because the school gave me an opportunity to go to college and take 2 classes. So I took that opportunity of course. I was able to go to college, attend high school and also volunteer for the high school. So when I graduated I kept coming back to the high school to volunteer and help with whatever they needed. So I volunteered for a whole 1 and a half and one day I decided to talk to my old principle Ms. Long and ask her if I can apply for a job at the high school and she loved the idea. So I applied for Attendance Clerk/Project Assistances. But then Ms. Long wanted me for another job in the high school so then I applied for Office Assistance/Project. I did my interview I killed it and got my job in December 2, 2014. I been her for a couple of months and I love my job. Without the motivation of my teachers, councilors, principle or staff and of course my parents I would of not been able to accomplish so much in such little time. Motivation is what Pima Partnership High School is all about. It's a school were no student is left behind no matter what the cause.
I attend Pima Partnership High School and i am a senior gradutating in May. My school is in top shape and all the facilities we use are in great conditions. My guidance conunselor name is Ms. Whitmore and she has helped me accomplish reaching my goals and getting everything i need finished before graduation. My parents have supported me in everything i do. They just dont have the money to afford to send me to a good college to futher my studies. My goal is to study criminal justice and be on the field.
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