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I loved everything about my high school. The environment every single day was positive for me and others around me. Whether it was in the classroom, in the halls, cafeteria, on the court, everywhere. The positivity that came from the faculty and students made life so much easier when life in highschool can Ben tough.
i liked the small town and close interactions with the teachers on the assignments given and the ability to know most of my classmates on a personal level
During my four years at Pima High School I absolutely loved it because it is such a small community and everybody know everybody. I was captain of the football my senior year at Pima, and our team was able to become State champions. Winning football that year not only taught me how to be a good football player but also the important prance of team work and family. I would've died for my teammates that year. At Pima high school there are great teachers that really care about the students well-being and academic achievements. There were so many times I would take up a teachers lunch break just to get help with a few math problems. I would highly reccommend this school to anyone who is considering it.
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My experience at Pima High this past year has been great. From Jan-May 2017 during my junior year, and Aug-Dec 2017 for senior year. It’s a school where you’re allowed to be your self. Nobody judges one another. Everyone’s kind and accepting. Almost everyone at the school is friends. The only thing that needs to change would be the way students treat the teachers, often times students bad mouth the teachers because the students lack the effort to do their work.
The school is way too lax about things that should matter and way too strict about other things. For example, I have walked in on teachers and counselors discussing students WITH OTHER STUDENTS. This is especially a problem with the counselor. On the other hand; the dress code is ridiculously strict. I was sent home because my bra strap was poking out the collar of my t shirt. As far as the education goes, just about anywhere else would be better. They pay the least out of the 3 schools in the area, so the teachers couldn't care less a lot of the time. There are some good teachers, but their English and science departments are severely lacking in teachers that not only know the material, but care to teach it.Sports are all important here, so take that as you will. School is old and decrepit; cafeteria is awful, and there is virtually no diversity. I was NOT ready for college when I graduated.
I love the close knit unity among the students and staff. the only thing I do not like is our lack in the variety of classes. I wish our school could offer more.
Pima is unique because of it's people. This place is tight nit community where anyone can feel welcome regardless of who you are which is a rare thing in high school. I recommend to be as involved as possible in this school, get to know the people and teachers. You won't regret it and will come to love it.
The dress code is crazy! Students are not allowed to show there shoulders. The counselors are great and are always willing to help and know what they are talking about.
The classes are pretty average. They offer the basics. The American History and Government classes and all the Computer Business classes are great! They also offer a few honor classes like honors English. We also have the option of taking college classes and we can receive college credit when taking specific classes that offer it.
A few of the teachers have been around for awhile and they do a great job! By giving you time in class to do your homework and ask questions.They are always happy to help. We have new teachers this year and they're not the best. They tend to let students do what they want.
The school has never really had any threats of any kind. Bullying is just a problem.
A few of the students have been caught with drugs and those same students are also the ones who tend to cause peer pressure and bullying. The religion population is spread out but mostly Mormon. There has never really been a problem with that.
I absolutely love my school. Besides all the little things that are wrong with it I wouldn't imagine myself anywhere else. The people are great. I have made so many amazing friends and the office ladies are always more than willing to help you with anything you need ,and the teachers that love teaching are awesome and are also more than happy to help with anything. I have made so many great memories at this school and it has help me grow so much.
Sports are a big deal. The majority of the students usually participate in the sports they offer. The sports that are offered are volleyball, football, basketball, wrestling, track, tennis, baseball, softball, and cheer. Football is the main sport everyone worries about and that's where most of our money goes. The coach's are great. Our weight room could use some new equipment and renovation.
The school building is okay. Nothing is really wrong with it. Except that the computers are super slow. The school lunch is also okay but the lunch ladies are awesome! The teachers are somewhat alright. A few of them are push overs and don't really know how to discipline students. The ones that are passionate about what they teach are fantastic and are ALWAYS willing to help. The dress code is also a little too crazy.
The school offers a small variety of after school programs like TOP (Teen Out Reach Program). Where you reach out to other teens on how to make the right decisions. SADD (Student's Against Destructive Decisions), FBLA (Future Business Leader of America), basically helps you understand the real world business life. All these programs are also great on volunteering!
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