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What I like about pilot point high school is that it is calm. Pilot point high school is probably the calmest school you could ever be in because of how small we are. One thing I would change about it though is the punishments given there. To me some of them are unreasonable.
I’ve attended Pilot Point High School for all four years of high school. I grew up in this town and it has a really positive environment. My experience here is that although the town is small and everyone around you may know everything it’s a really fun place to be (sometimes). All close friends I have we’ve meet through classes, sports, even fundraising and school events. The student council is very well known and extreamely fond of things that can change within these next few years or even semesters. It may be my last year along with others but it doesn’t mean things don’t need to improve that we have seen.
I'd like to see changes in the way of disciplinary action. The rate is too high and they try to get kids in trouble for simple things that don't matter!
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Going to school at Pilot Point has changed me in so many ways, it has taught me the challenges that will come up again.
I like that we're able to have the ability to participate in sports without being in athletics and that the school administrators encourage us to be involved in extracurricular activities. I do not like that politics have a substantial role in athletics, as the best qualified should be hired/playing in a given position. The academics are good and continue to improve, but the WiFi needs to be upgraded so as to be able to handle the influx of at least 200 laptops online at any given time.
Pilot Point High School is a 3A high school located in Pilot Point Texas. While their main focus is on sports their academics isn't to bad.
There aren't many health programs and resources; we don't even have a school nurse.
There aren't many extracurricular/after-school activities to partake in.
If I had the chance to redo high school, I would definitely not return to Pilot Point High School. It's a small, low-funded school with bare minimum educational standards. I would attend a bigger school with more students and extra curricular opportunities.
The teachers at my school do what they can with what they are given. We are a small and rural town with low funding towards our schools. We don't have expensive technology and state of the art equipment. Most of the teachers try their best, but some have a biased grading system. Some teachers will give a low grade on an essay if they don't agree with the opinion of the writer and some teachers will not give a grade higher than a certain point because they don't feel as if a student deserves it.
The school offers a relatively minimal amount of extracurricular activities because of the size of the school but the activities offered expect high participation.
This school taught me many things in and out of the classroom. Being a smaller school, the students were really able to connect with others and with the faculty. Student and town support was very high when regarding Athletic and Band competition. I would chose this school again because of the relationships, knowledge and real-life experiences I was given the opportunity to have.
Teachers strive to get to know their students well.
As far as bullying goes there is not a big threat at our school. But our school nurse is excellent. She is a very sweet lady and she knows what she is doing and when she does not she does not try to wing it she will call our athletic trainer for some assistance.
Its a small school so we have an active community. A lot of parents support activities based on what his or her student likes to do.
With the teachers I have this year I would do it over. Being a student with ADHD and ADD the teachers I have this year treat you like an adult and push you to be better. I like competing and doing well and they encourage that will that I have.
My freshman year some teachers would favor some students over others, and its not over behavior in the class. You couldn't have your own ideas. As I have gotten older I have seen a great change in that.
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Our school could be a lot more safe. We recently started locking our doors and got a doorbell lock system at our main door. We also installed a lot more security cameras. However, we could make some improvements. Lots of kids simply prop the doors open to get back in and our Ag shop doors are almost always open as well as the weight room where some Pilot Point alumni go to workout. I think it would make me feel more comfortable if they were not allowed to workout there.
We have quite a few extracurricular activities at our school. Our most popular options involve athletics, band, and the FFA. These three are the largest organizations at our school. I am in all three of these, along with a few other activities, and everyone has a blast. We offer a wide variety of sports for girls and boys and our coaches are very dedicated. Our band has greatly expanded over my high school career and has received first division ratings in almost every competition. The Pilot Point FFA had 4 students qualify for the national FFA convention this year, which is a record of people qualifying, and we also qualified several students for the state competition. Our extracurricular activities really unite us as a student body and have helped me make some of my best friends and greatest memories.
If I had to do it all over again I would still attend Pilot Point High School. My parents told me all while growing up, that they would pay for me to go wherever I wanted to go to high school. They offered for me to go to a private school that several of my friends attended, or even to move towns. However, my parents and all of my immediate family graduated from Pilot Point and I am so proud to go here and keep up the tradition. I love being involved in as much as I can at my school and knowing everyone at the school that a larger school couldn't offer. I participate in so much and have made so many memories that I would not trade or do over for anything.
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