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My favorite thing about Pilot Grove High School would be the teachers. If you show that you are giving effort they will help you and lead you to the right path. I haven’t had a problem with any of my teachers growing up and I can tell you that they genuinely care about their students in Pilot Grove High. School.
This school has pushed me to become all I have become and if i had to do it all over again I would, in a heartbeat. The staff treat with respect and help you move toward your goals. This school has made me a strong, smart, outgoing, and a challege ready student who is excited to take on the new world after high school.
The teachers try to help as much as they can. And make time to help you with any think school related
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We have a high school computer lab and we go to the lab when we need to do research
Some time it is heard to avod pearpresher but alot of people avorided it all the time you just have to try

The food is pritty good but it depens on the day of the week like onece a month we get pizza on thursday and firday you get cheseese casadeas
All of our teachers are very felxtable and when you say you need help and they stay after when you ask them to
We have a grate coches for our sports they are hard and but not to heard
Our school dont really allow bulling and when the admenstrater hear about it it stops right away

The clubs that are moset heard of in our school is FCCLA FBLA FFA
I love my school. Over the years i have made so many new friends and learnd so meany different things about my friends that i would have never knowed if i would have not had asked. And all the teachers are grate and love to help any time.
Students are not allowed to carrie back packs from class to class. But that just having to go back to there locker if they for get something .And then that counts as a tartey
Pilot Grove C-4 offers many extracurricular activies for everyone to partake in. There is always something for someone. Between school related clubs or sports, you can be sure you will find your own little place and create many new friends and just hang out with people who love the same thing you do.
Pilot Grove has probably the best food in the county. The cooks know how to make it taste great with what little they have! It taste great, it has pently of healthy food options and variety.
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