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For the most part, I enjoyed going to Pillow Academy. I've attended school there since 4K. I've made a lot of lifelong friends. The teachers were a great source of encouragement along the way. I would like to see a decrease in the amount of "parental control" over various school issues. I believe that the administration should be in control.
The school, like most, as it's issues. I've learned that sports definitely take a priority over the arts. But that all comes in generations. Academically it's a good school, you have an oddball teacher here and there that's completely incompetent. But hey, we all make mistakes...
I Liked how the teachers were always willing to help and it is a smaller school so it is easier to get involved.
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Pillow Academy prepared me for college. Senior English class was very valuable in preparation for college.
They are a christian based private school. They care about you and you are not just a name. Also, Pillow is a college prepatory school.
My major complaint is the lack of information on colleges and applying to colleges. I am not interested in in-state schools and no recruiters from out of state were invited to come speak. I also did not recieve barely any assistance in applying to college and essays.
Pillow is an incredible school with many experienced teachers and coaches always willing to help you. They have a good sports program with great coaches.
Love Pillow Academy. The elementary is the best . Caring teachers, advanced curriculum that prepares them, and ample activities.
The rich kids run the place and everyone else is a nobody. The administration is the problem here. they purposely give the higher class extra attention in the classroom and in sports.
We have a code we have to press to get in the building and the doors have to be locked at all times. Most people don't follow that rule anymore, anyways.
I mean education wise for the most part it's cool. I like having things to do and challenges. I have gotten used to this school since first arriving and it's very boring now, no challenge whatsoever. Especially senior year, we hardly do anything in class.
Some teachers are better than others and two in particular are not the best. One is a gossiper and two-faced the other, I don't even know if she has a degree.
We have a great security system.
We have great facilities and staff.
The policies we have help maintain order.
I love my teachers. They make learning easier.
I take part in as many activities as i can.
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i love my school and the friends i have there.
i feel like i'm ready for college with very little difficulty
we are constantly improving our buildings and grounds. we have great counselors and are a college preparatory school
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