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Opportunity is defined as "a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something." That is exactly what Pillager Public Schools are all about. For example, some friends and I are very interested in film-making. We showed off some of our work to our staff and administration and they immediately jumped on it by setting up a film production class for us. They were able to give us the opportunity to work harder on something that we love rather than barely pass on something we don't want to do.
I do not feel unsafe at all while going to this school
There are some good extracurricular activities but I really wish there was tennis
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Many parents are nice people but there are some that are just rude in general.
Teachers at this school are all out going and you can really get to know them better because it is such a small school.
This school holds back the students that need to excell. Most of the teacher's time is spent on the "not so smart" kids while the students who understand the material are left waiting for the others to catch up. Very little freedom is given to the students, also.
While I attended this school, it was the best years of my life (really the only years but that's irrelevant). The students are so friendly and do what they can to make you feel as though you are a part of something. The entire school from kindergarten to twelfth grade is connected by our motto: PRIDE. Perseverance, Respect/Responsibility, Integrity, Discipline, and Excellence. The teachers do what they can to make you understand the material and help you in any way they can. Given, not all of the students and teachers are like this, no school is like that, but compared to other schools, I'd have to say that my high school was pretty great, and I wouldn't have gone anywhere else.
This school has been wonderful for me. It has some very good academic success. All the classes that I took, were taught thoroughly. The teachers were great! They always had time to help me when I needed the extra attention with my homework. Some of the school wasn't always the greatest but for the most part, it was a very good academic choice for myself.
The condition of the school is amazing, actually. It is very clean, organized, and in good condition. Technology available covers most everything us students need. The counselor is almost always available to talk about the future, personal issues, or anything you need to talk about. Busing could be better, but it's decent.
I don't eat school lunch often, only once a week due to financial problems. However, I have eaten nearly each possible lunch available, and while they are healthy (I think), most of them are disgusting. The school's lunch and breakfast menus have extreme variety, and we do also have a school concession stand open to us for snacks. One thing our school's food service has is dietary accommodation; one of my friends has severe gluten allergies and the school provides an entirely different meal for her.
Most of the teachers at this school do their best to help students out with their work, and making sure they understand what they are learning. There are a few black eggshells, but what school doesn't have those? Teaching styles do differ between teachers of the same subject, but each style is understandable. I cannot speak for other students, but I have learned a lot from my teachers, and I have enjoyed being each and every one of their student. The teachers make sure that every student is going well, and if not will give them extra help.
Student involvement is extremely high when it comes to sports, whether you are on the team or cheering them on. My school may be diverse in cliques, but if there is one thing nearly everyone can agree on is sports; showing our support for the team, being on the team, and having the most school spirit a school could ever have.
The administration staff is great
There is chess team, glee and Spanish club, sports, and others that I don't know of.
They are all decent and the labs are alright. IT can be a bit trying.
Almost all of the teachers here are amazing teachers.
There are many fun options for after school activities.
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People at pillager are inherently racist and homophobic. Some students are generally nice.
If you are looking for a good education, this is a great school. If you are looking for alot of nice, socially acceptable people this is not the school for you.
The principal is a bully who does not care about his teachers or the students.
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