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Pilgrim School is a small school that considers each students' needs whether they are academic, social, etc. The teachers genuinely wish to get close to the students which make the classroom atmosphere cozy and welcoming.
Pilgrim School is not like other pretentious Los Angeles private schools. As a recent alumni of Pilgrim, I can confidently say that Pilgrim helped me love what I was learning and helped me love learning in general. With teachers and administrators who treated students with a sense of equity and respect, school felt less like a job and more a community that works symbiotically. With an amazing STEM program, especially engineering, Pilgrim school helped me thrive and formulate and idea what I would like to major in during college. Cafeteria food is not good but thats about the biggest negative!
Its a great school to go to for elementary and middle school. It has great support and strives to get their students ready for college. The only problem would be their math program. It is not a good program and often makes students fall behind in that subject. But over all it is a great school to go to.
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My son is in pre-K at Pilgrim School. We have had a great experience so far. The families are very down to earth and friendly. The teachers are very caring and have done a great job of teaching my son social-emotional and self-care skills.
It is a beautiful school,and the teacher is great,very friendly and responsible.The children are very happy at school.
Pilgrim is a very special place. Our children have been there for 7 years (middle school and high school) and Pilgrim has helped them grow into amazing students and human beings. The school is safe, ethical, academically-rigorous, thoughtful about pedagogy and fun. A kindness permeates the Pilgrim culture. The mixed-grade environment really helps the secondary students keep a reality check on teenage drama. Very supportive environment!
We have three kids at Pilgrim; a kindergartener, 5th and 7th grader. The community is warming and loving, and has definitely embraced our family since joining in 2015. The science projects, essay topics and language skills the kids come home with are fantastic, and there's a team of teachers and administrators who want to make sure each kids is thriving. So glad the field is done and we have parking - it's fantastic! Although founded by and associated with the First Congregational Church, bi-monthly chapels are focused on inclusion, values and helping kids navigate the ups and downs of daily life.
Pilgrim School is great if you are planning to go into the STEM field. It is also very involved about getting you into college. It has the best college counselor. While its curriculum is great, it is a small school so it is not necessarily the most diverse school.
It's a nice school but has very limited academics. There are not as many opportunities here than other schools. It is a small school, and while that has its advantages, it also has its disadvantages. You know everything about everyone, and it is uncomfortable.
Pilgrim is a small close knit community. Everyone is friendly and many kids go out of there way to help others, especially the new kids. The teachers are some of the best and really care about you. You can form a close knit bond with them and really utilize teachers to further our education.
Pilgrim is a wonderfully diverse school which offers effective teachers and fosters tight-knit friends. Its course diversity, however, is somewhat lacking.
It's a good school, if you want to have a tight knit group of friends. But if you don't have any friends it can be hard to make them. The teachers don't build personal relationships with the students. Some of the kids are closet racists. It is very diverse and is a better option than a lot of public schools in LA.
Studying at Pilgrim School has given me positive and negative experiences. What I love about Pilgrim is its diversity; students come from all ranges and walks of life. This creates an amazing dynamic between peers. What I do not like about Pilgrim, however, is its level of academics. The math course is a mess and deadlines are not serious. Students are taught to do the minimum with no help to strive. There is a lack of emotion and care between the administration and its students.
Pilgrim School is pretty neat, and the building and classes aren't an issue. The only real problem people can run into is small town politics, but in general if they aren't of prickly personality, and are generally convivial and polite, everyone makes friends well.
The classes were very small so I am able to connect with teachers whenever I need help. We have a class called "environmental sustainability" that taught me how to protect the our environments and the steps to reusable energy. The class is so important to people like me, who are trying to get jobs in helping create a sustainable future.
This was an amazing school, and I believe it was a great fit for me. If you are looking for a small, safe, and supportive community, this is your best bet. I was able to do just about everything I wanted to with only support and encouragement offered to me by faculty and students.
I would, however, consider a different school if you think you will not thrive in such a small community. As a result of the size (HS has fewer than 100 students), the sports scene is not good and there are few people to socialize with.
Other than that, if you can take advantage of all of the opportunities Pilgrim has to offer, you'll find yourself attending an amazing college!

Cornell class of 2021, here I come!!
Pilgrim set me up for success at college. I wouldn't be where I am today without it!
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I think that this school i every rigorous and academic oriented. However, they provide plenty of outside the classroom opportunities that allow students to get involved in their community.
Our experience has been terrific. My son spent 7-9 grades at a highly regarded west side school, and had an absolutely awful experience. He has an IQ of 165-170, but he also has ADD. He was undiagnosed when he attended the first school, and teachers and administrators at his former school told him over and over again that he was "lazy", "not working up to his potential", and finally "not up to the academic rigor" of the school. Not one of them noticed or remarked that his test scores were consistently high, his ability to deliver oral presentations and extemporaneous analyses was brilliant, but his ability to organize and turn in homework on a regular basis was shoddy--this is, I've subsequently learned, the first red flag of ADD. My son left that school feeling bitter and completely lacking in self-confidence. Pilgrim has been a Godsend for my son. Dr. Brooks and the teachers have been relentlessly positive with him and helped him rebuild his self-confidence as a student. Before Pilgrim, my son disliked math and science. Pilgrim's innovative math program and excellent teachers have changed his idea of his own strengths, and he now plans to major in engineering. Additionally, he's had a computer science teacher, Ms. Bacon, at Pilgrim who has inspired him and encouraged him to be a leader in in his comp. sci. classes. The small class sizes, individual attention, and caring teachers have made a huge difference for our son and his outlook on school.
Patricia Kong, the admissions officer, is welcoming and accessible. She is always available to answer questions and help families who are applying or just checking the school out and makes the admissions process feel relaxed. She is equally warm and friendly once you actually have a student in the school.
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