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I like Pilgrim high school because of the many opportunities I have. I am a Sophomore currently enjoying the year with my friends and classmates. The teachers are great. If you ever need help go up to any of them and they will be glad to help. I’m on the soccer team and recently won the State championship. It’s all been great thanks to Pilgrim High school
I have enjoyed my time as a student at Pilgrim High School. The school has a welcoming environment and it feels like a community. The only major problem at the school is a lot of your work is left to you as the school resources are lacking. Other than that Pilgrim has been a great school for me.
Pilgrim High School is a place with very little bullying. The students have a common sense of understanding for those of all lifestyles. There are many very supportive and helpful teachers as well. However, the district merged the middle schools and one highschool, so now Pilgrim seems to be either overcrowded or understaffed. I would like to see more staff available for the amount of students we have.
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My overall experience at Pilgrim has been life changing. I transferred to Pilgrim as a sophomore after my school shut down my freshman year. The administration and teachers did a tremendous job of looking out for the students and making them feel welcome, making it a safe environment. I would love to see Pilgrim exapand with newer opportunities to prepare students more for college and help them become better academically.
Pilgrim offers many enjoyable sports, clubs and activities making it easy to get involved. Most teachers are incredibly friendly and are there to help you during stressful times. The only complaint is they need to put murals painted by kids back up on the walls.
I didn't like much at all at Pilgrim. The building was falling apart, both physically and community wise. I got so many bad vibes from being there, and every day it was harder and harder to get up for school. They say they have a no bullying rule, but way too much bullying goes on, and the teachers and principals see it all. The school has some great programs that have a lot of potential, but they are suffering due to the lack of community, teamwork, respect, and authority in the school overall.
I have met some very life changing teachers here at Pilgrim. I have also met some very awful teachers. I would like to see Pilgrim expand with their opportunities and communication here. I have found myself and other students always struggling to know what is happening around the school .
In my opinion, when I graduated in 2012, I do not think the staff prepared students well for college. I would have liked more references to college and how we can afford it and I know I needed help with my college decision.
My overall experience was a pretty decent one. I loved the teachers and I enjoyed the rigor of my classes. The memories I made with my friends are ones that will stay with me for years to come. The only thing I would want to change about my experience is that I would want a contract for all four years of high school instead of just my freshmen and senior year.
This school is disgusting and everything in the building seems to be coated in a layer of filth and dust. People are constantly being arrested and expelled and suspended. No bathroom is safe from vaping and smoking and possibly drug dealing. Nobody seems to care either. Academics are bad, the sports are bad, and none of the teachers really seem to care. Everyday I walk into this building concerned about my health and safety. I do not feel safe here. Overall a terrible school.
Pilgrim High School has taught me that while growing as a student and a person there will always be someone there helping and supporting you throughout. I have had some of the greatest teachers who have impacted my life more than I could have thought possible. Specifically, teachers have broadened my views of others and have given me the opportunity to travel to Italy following graduation. I have not only learned about others throughout my four years here, but I have learned a lot about myself. Each teacher has helped me learn ways to handle situations in and out of school with the best attitude possible. My community service teacher has taught me the value of helping others around me which is something I will always keep with me. Overall, the lessons I have learned in my four years here are things I will forever hold in my heart
I loved school up until my sophomore year at Pilgrim High School. Some of the teachers are great but the kids themselves are to much into social media as well as drugs, marijuana at a minimum, but a drug is a drug. We have had several drug raids on lockers with drug dogs and everything. I am not into that so when we are all on lock down or listening to constant lectures on the affects of drugs and alcohol it aggravates me cause I feel like my time is being wasted when it has nothing to do with me. It was supposed to be the fun years and it didn't live up to that in my case.
I like the school, the students are good, the teachers are good and helpful, the classes are good, there are lots of activities like clubs and teams to join, and the overall experience is great.
I loved my high school! We were very involved in the community whether is was through clubs or sports teams. We always had a great atmosphere to learn in where we felt safe. What I would like to see change is how involved the teachers are with the students. There are some teachers who just come to work and leave everyday and aren't always fully engaged in the classroom. What I would also like to see is that the school tries to prepare students for college A LOT more than they do right now. That was one of my biggest obstacles when entering college, I was so unprepared.
I had transferred to Pilgrim because my school shut down. The whole school had seemed very divided and although efforts of the staff tried to make it seem like they were okay with the mixing of schools. One could walk in and tell that the school was very divided and no one really cared to get to know the kids that had to move into Pilgrim and leave their school behind.
Halfway through my high school career I had to switch to Pilgrim High School from Warwick Veterans High School. It was a completely different experience. Pilgrim was not as bad as I thought it would be, but it still wasn't great. The guidance counselors are barely any help, the food is barely cooked most of the time, however, there are a few classes that Pilgrim offers to help with certain majors, like the T.E.A.M. class, where we take audio and video production along with production English.
Pilgrim High School was alright for me. But I must admit that it wasn’t the best. The hallways are overcrowded with students, teachers had to move around because there weren’t a lot of classrooms, and the substance abuse was a common thing amonst the students there. I currently don’t feel as though I’m that ready for college, I’m hopinh that would change in the next two years I attend, but I could see that the school is trying to make an effort. But the school needs to try a bit more harder.
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Pilgrim is a decent school. The students, however, make for a poor high school experience. Many students at Pilgrim are there to cause problems and not take school seriously which affects me as a student. Other than that, the teachers that like to teach and get involved, especially the history department, is great.
I like about school is math. My teacher loves to teach math because we do it every day. The second thing I like is the teachers because they are also helpful to all of their students in the classroom.
Pilgrim High school was very welcoming when I transferred from another school. The administration and teachers are vey caring and look out for there students.
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