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This school is an amazing place to get an education. The sports family here is unlike any other, there is so much to do here and so much to support.
Great teachers and great friends. Grading scale for A’s is 93-100 instead of the usual 90-100. This makes students compete more to keep a 4.0 gpa.
I love football, wrestling and the overall learning experience. The students are great to make friends with and the social life is awesome
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Great school with helpful teachers! They care about their students and pay attention to each one. Transfer students get used to the rhythm of the school and actually make friends quickly.
I like how the teachers care about each individual student. They wants us all to learn and to succeed. One thing I would change is if students don't understand something, the teachers wouldn't move on until majority understood. Pikeville is a great school with very intelligent students because of our teachers but sometimes we move on too fast.
This high school is honestly the best in Eastern Kentucky, there is such a good feeling here, and everyone can connect with each other.
Pikeville High School allowed me to have one on one help and ways to find friends through clubs and activities like band and FCA.
The teachers at Pikeville High School are wonderful! They care about each students success the same. We learn a lot in our classes and are held to very high standards. However, the teachers and staff make sure school is made fun! All of our sports teams are very successful, and the school makes sure to recognize all of them. One thing I would change about Pikeville High School, is that every student received an equal punishment. Sometimes, students are favored over who they are or who their parents are, and that is not fair.
I have met some of the best people at Pikeville. Life long friends and the school spirit is incredible.
Pikeville is amazing, wonderful, professional, talented faculty and staff. Campus is well maintained, clean. Great technology available to students, opportunities in art, theater, band, newspaper & yearbook productions, and the most advanced high school news show, multimedia production in the area.
I always feel very safe at the school.
I do not like all the food choices that we have. A lot of the food has no taste.
I feel as though all the student body is very involved in our school. The staff is very helpful and I feel like I could go to many teachers for help if I need it
We do have a lot of good sports and the involvement of the student body in sports is high.
The majority of our teachers are fantastic teachers, however a couple do get frustrated at times
There are many opportunities for students to be involved in the school.
I have loved most of the teachers I have had at my school, and I will miss them next year! My school could use maybe one more English teacher but they are too cheap to hire another person.
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There is really no diversity, I had about 7-10 nonwhite kids in my graduation class. The students are all nice and no one in my class was ever deliberately mean to me. Most people are involved in some club or sport.
The food was great until about 2 years ago when if changed due to the new national food program thing. I used to love the food but now there where only a few things I especially liked.
This part year the AC and Heating unit was really messed up. Also, we have a good library, and an excellent auditorium and stage! The stage is comparable to a Broadway stage!
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