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Pikeview High School was a good school but I feel they didn't prepare me enough for college academically.
Pikeview Highschool was a wonderful place to attend. The teachers were attentive and always willing to go that extra step to help students. The school seemed to focus more on academics rather than sports and students that were more academic focused seemed to flourish there.
Its a good school with a good staff, a little countrified but they are some of the best teachers and supporters I've seen in any other school.
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Pikeview High School in my opinion is the best school in this area. They have great academics and sports teams. What I really liked was the teachers. Every single one of them was great and always there to aid students in their education. They would go out of their way to help in anyway possible. Also, I liked the family atmosphere it had. Everyone knew everyone and it was tight knit group. The only thing I would liked to see change at the school is the athletic complex. They are getting outdated and need to be upgraded.
I didn’t really care for PikeView High School. The administration is terrible and it doesn’t have much variety of classes.
This is the only high school I have attended, and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. I have made lots of friends and have never had any trouble here. I can't think of anything I would like to change here.
The teachers are great. They really take the time for their planning to make sure they will have an optimum teaching experience. Everyone is friendly, but there are always a couple bad apples in the tree. But it hasn't even come close to ruining my learning and enjoyment of this school!
Since I have been at Pikeview High School, I have grown as a person and I can not thank the teachers enough for what they do for me. I have had a great experience at thus school and I think others will as well. But on the other hand, I wish there was more of a class selection.
The school smells nasty most of the year. The staff is only helpful if you have excellent grades and you never get to speak with your guidance counselor when needed.
There are some good teachers at this school; however, the people are not great, and the administration is very lacking.
Fantastic teachers, they truly go above and beyond to provide the best experience for their students.
Pikeview High School is a very safe environment with teachers and administration that care about our educations and futures.
Pikeview has a great set of teachers who are willing to help you in every way possible which is super helpful to someone looking to further their education. The sense of community never fails at pikeview almost everyone is friendly and accepting. They do the perfect variation of types of learning in order to benefit all students.
I liked how it was a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. The school needs to give clubs more opportunities for meetings.
Pikeview High is a decent school to go to. It has some problems with providing good accurate information on colleges and scholarships and helping students when they need it. I would like to see the staff be more involved with that important information.
PikeVeiw High School is a fairly decent education facility. But, for everything good you can say about the school, there’s always something to counteract it. For example, the teachers are exceptional at pushing you to be successful in your education and getting you college ready. They work with you one on one and care personally if you pass or fail, if you’re putting in the effort. The problem is not many advanced or college level classes are currently being offered. As a senior this year, only one A.P classes is available, and last year a total of two. I would like to see more rigorous courses being offered to help students receive a head start in their post-secondary education. Something else that really stands out about the school, is that you feel safe. You’re never afraid to go to school because the faculty has put rules in place to keep bulling and harassment out of the halls.
My high school experience wasn't terrible. The games were fun, though I am not a big fan of sports and clubs were always doing fun and interesting things. My only real complaint, however, not counting things that could not be controlled, is that trying to change anything or get anything like that done is nearly impossible. The administration seems to sometimes act like they don't care about student opinions.
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I think Pikeview High School is a great school. Most of the teachers are friendly and the activities that are done there are amazing. The first day of my freshman year, I was very nervous that everything will be bad. It really isn't!
As a student at Pikeview High School, I have had a great 3 years so far. Most of the teachers are passionate about what they do. They will go out of their way to make sure you understand what you're learning. I would change a few things though. Sports seem to be the main priority at our school. I think there should be more effort put into clubs and extra curricular activities.
The classrooms will generate a friendly environment, and all teachers I have had has always given help as needed. The AP courses and Dual-credit courses I have taken have prepared me for this coming fall, when I will be attending college. Most teachers will get to know you and try to be friends with you, so it's more than just having a teacher. It's having another friend that will help you with anything as much as they can. However, the food provided needs improvement. Meals don't always look aesthetically pleasing, but the cooks do the best they can with what is provided to them. Also, the bathrooms need improvements. The stalls are covered in writing, the locks don't always work, the floors stay rather filthy, and spit bottles are found in here frequently. Other than the bathrooms and lunches, Pikeview High School has been an excellent school to attend.
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