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Piketon Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I thought that my high school was very good in a lot of areas. There were a lot of things for students to be part of, the musical program is fantastic, and the quality of education is quite good as well. My main complaint is that the guidance counselor and some teachers seemed to just decide who they thought would not be successful, and drag them down instead of help them. I watched this happen with several of my friends, and it is very sad. People who are struggling with school/home-life should be helped by their school-- not hindered.
My experience at Piketon High School, has been one of the best years of my life. All the staff are super friendly and they try to get involved as much as possible with games, clubs, concerts, and all the students lives. Piketon has at least 4 safety drills a month to make sure that every student and staff knows exactly what to do encase of an emergency. The guidance counselor, Sherry Fout, is involved in every seniors life. She had us apply for Shawnee because she wanted to make sure that be had a college to fall back on if something didn’t go through. All the teachers I’ve had throughout the years, teach with this excitement. You can tell the teachers love their job and love what they do every day. 2 of my absolute favorite teachers, Ms. Day and Ms. Cook, have joined up with a program to take students to Europe because they want every student to be able to travel and gain learning experience. I honestly can’t wait for the trip. I am so proud to be a Piketon Redstreak.
Piketon Jr./Sr. High School isn't considered a upscale school by any means. However, there are countless people every day doing what they can to make sure we get the education we deserve. We are lucky to have the generous parents and amazing staff that we have that makes our school succeed among excellence.
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Piketon High School has been an overall great experience! The teaching staff is very encouraging and are willing to help students out whenever they need it. The students take up for each other and I feel that PHS is the best school
in the county when it comes to that. I will absolutely miss this community when I go off to college, but they have prepared us well!
Overall climate of the school is very good. My child feels loved and safe at this school.
High expectations of my child
For a small school, there are plenty of choices for our kids.
All resources are readily available to my child.
Several teams in last five years state bound!
Nurse and nurses aides are very helpful.
Great leadership at our school!
Our teachers are devoted to our kids. I wouldn't trade them for the world!
The extracirricular oppurtunities are always fun!
The School Administration for Piketon Jr./Sr. High School are great at making sure that every student is taken care of and given what they are needed in order to help them grow as not only student, but as individuals. We have a very involved staff as well.
Our school spirit is great. Students go to games all over and I think that makes the athletes perform better. Due to our school's great spirit, I think it makes the athletic programs better.
Our teacher's are excellent and very approachable.
I feel extremely safe at my school.
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There is not much to choose from in my opinion.
All policies are fair to all students.
the teachers were all very kind. they always made sure to help anyone who needed some help. they would even take time to help you after school if you needed it.
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