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Teachers and nice and great, others are horrible. Great events, but slight racism between the jewish and black people. The jewish people only want to be with those of their kind. Otherwise, it’s a great school and they offer nice courses and get you ready for college. Best public school in Baltimore County
I like that Pikesville High School had a renovation. The school is new and has good working AC's. Pikesville has a good environment and have numerous electives and clubs/sports that students can choose from. Pikesvilles' only problem in my eyes is how the teachers don't get as much control over their respective courses as they should. The administration needs to loosen up and let them teach the class based on the students and how they learn instead of forcing Avid's way of learning.
This school overall has been really good . I only have one child but if I had another child I would get him or her to go there
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Pikesville High School is a very diverse school filled with all different races/ethnicities. Something that could change is teachers, more teachers that genuinely want to see children succeed need to be hired.
I would like to see more diversity among the teachers and the food sometimes be uncooked. Also I would like to see more clubs and activities at the school.
It was great. Teachers were very supportive. Seniors were well prepared for college. Different level classes for students who want to challenge themselves.
The academics they offer here are exceptional. It is easy to get along with your teachers because they genuinely care about your success. The school was recently renovated completely and the gym, classrooms and cafe look amazing. The area is also safe and the programs and sports have always been a success (Especially the track team).
The teachers are very nice and funny, students tend to love them! I would send my kids there without a doubt!
I started a Pikesville High in the middle of my Freshman year. It was an adjustment from my other school, but overall it is a decent school. I took mostly GT and AP classes, so my classes were rigorous and I feel prepared for college.
Amazing teachers who genuinely care about their students. They take time to talk to students individually if needed and provide outlets for creativity.
its an amazing place they allow us to grow at our own pace, the people here push each other to do better everyday. Striving here makes me look at the future knowing i am ready to take on the college world. we have to learn how to help each other so they can help us, meaning we collaborate on team assignments to push each other to have a greater learning of the topic. Having a safe space to grow is what makes Pikesville a great environment. The police officer officer Smith has been such a great aspect to the school, truly cares about each student and how well they do and taking care of everyone around the school to keep it safe.
I believe Pikesville High School is a very good school to attend because it's a place where you are just comfortable to be in with students and even teachers you can get along with.
Pikesville high school is very diverse and has a great staff. Not only is the staff great they make sure you are ready to move onto the next step to further your education. The college readiness program has grown over the past year i have been there and i would recommend that school for anyone.
Pikesville High is slowly becoming the school it is capable of being. With the new facilities, new principal, and devices for each student, the school has seen drastic improvements since my freshman year. One thing I would like to see changed is administration's communication with students. Often times, students seek help from administration when addressing an issue but are ignored until parents get involved.
Pikesville High School was a great school. Student life was amazing and fun and academics were even better!
Prepares you for the college admissions process. Some teachers are very dedicated to their students and the courses they teach but others aren't. Overall a nice school, newly renovated but could use minor improvements.
In the years I have attended Pikesville I have had a very enjoyable experience. The school community is very supportive and will help every student with their specific needs. The academics are pretty good and there are many people that can help with college readiness. Sports kinda suck tho.
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Great and dedicated teachers! If you find your crowd you'll be fine. And administration is okay. It's a pretty small school, which can be good.
I like the diversity. 50% black 50% white (jewish). Pikesville hs is known as "where Africa meets Israel". It is also located in a safe neigborhood. A lot of kids who graduate from this school, go to big colleges majoring in STEM
Pikesville High School is a good public high school in Maryland. It has a growing STEM program with high student involvement. Outside of the classroom, there are many options for extracurricular activities. The school climate is always calm and safe.
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