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Terrible the principle is rude. She is disengaged and not genuine. A lot of the teachers are nosey and dont mind their own they and have a non hands on approach
I'd like to see a change in the options for classes for children that don't pass either accuplacer. Also, more activities and sports that last the entire year.
If I could give it zero stars I would!! They cannot keep teachers or staff. They have no structure. This is the worst school I could have put my son in!!
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I have been attending Pikes Peak Prep since I was in the 6th grade and I am now a junior. However, now that they have all new administration this year and a new CEO the school has completely fallen apart. They do not pay attention to the individual schedules of students, and instead fill their schedules with classes they have already taken or do not need for graduation. Every year since I have been there the school has never had an issue with funding concurrent enrollment courses for the high school students, but since the new CEO has come in funding has become an issue and high school students cannot take as many college classes as they would like. I am extremely disappointed with the new staff and the new CEO. The principal is rude and they do not appeal to the needs of their students. Our voices are unheard and they do not care about our education or us as individuals. I honestly would not recommend Pikes Peak Prep to any parents looking for a school to put their child in.
Some teachers work hard it is just that sown kids don't want to be there. only 10 seniors graduated but i think the others didn't have enough credits or were so far behind that they couldn't make up all they needed in time. they fired Miss Mondragon the counselor so let's see ho that works out for all students.
The teachers are great and they have different teaching styles that keep me engaged in what they teach. They also show interest in their students grades by offering tutoring to help students that struggle with the class.
its alright i mean it sucks when i have to go to the bathroom and wait til they press the button to get into the other building
they don't have anything for anybody in my grade for teenage girls
being at this school has been nice and all but i wish they had more activities for everybody.
they are good teachers who cares about the students education and ethics.
The school doesn't host any fun or engaging extracurricular activities.
I don't think students would be very protected if anything were to happen. They don't have security guards or major authority. When fights break out teachers are not allowed to prevent the situation. They don watch students closely.
The teachers are okay. They definitely get frustrated easily and sometimes argue with students over the dumbest things. They turn to referrals for aost everything and they don't really work around student scedhules for those that need extra help. Most teachers are caring and very knowledgeable about what they teach.
The teachers are nice and helpful for the most part. Sometimes the teachers let their anger out on the students when they have a bad day and it affects the students. As fast as the classes, they aren't challenging at all. The only foreign language you have the choice to learn which is a bummer because they don't even have a Spanish teacher. The classes are extremely boring and dreadful. It's basically the same routine everyday. It really stinks being a Sophomore and having to take classes with middle schoolers because it takes the high school experience away. Pretty much the only great academic opportunity is that they allow high school students to take college courses at a community college and they pat for everything.
My school barely has anything for the students to do. Honestly, they think they are starting to be like other charter schools, but honestly it's terrible. Students and parents have presented the idea of possibly getting more activities at the school for students to participate in. The school has refused the proposals because "they are an academic based school." Why can't they be academic based and still have more clubs and activities that can keep students motivated?
I love that you can have one on one relationships with teachers. This is great especially considering that at normal high schools, you wouldn't really be able to have a personal relationship with all of your teachers. Another great thing about Pikes Peak Prep is that the classes are small; which cam be a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it. They do everything g they can to make sure that you are successful and if you really wanted to you would have the opportunity to receive dual credits. If you are someone who is interested in graduating from high school with your Associates Degree then that is definitely something you could choose to do. The best part is that as long as you are passing the classes, the school will pay for the classes and any books that you may need, they even provide transportation from the school to the college. I hate that high schoolers have to take their electives with middle schoolers because it's not as enjoyable. The teachers are nice for the most part as long as you do what you need to do and don't fool arundel during class. It's a small school, so there isn't many people to make friends with but it's an okay school. The best thing about this school is that you have the opportunity to graduate early and receive dual credits.
I got A's and B's. I've never gotten above a C before going to that school.
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