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Pikes Peak Christian School Reviews

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Everyone is so great at including new people and been friendly ad helpful! The care the administration and teachers have for the kids is beyond expectations!
Great school with knowledgeable professors! Give this school a credit for having a free parking space for students!
Personally, my favorite part of Pikes Peak Christian School is the small classroom sizes. You are able to ask questions, learn at your own rate, and develop a relationship with your fellow students and teachers.
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My experience at piked peak Christian has been a good one for the most part, in that I feel like I am more prepared for like after high school, however, because it is a private Christian school there is hardly any room for change. I feel as if I may be judged for ideas I hold and things I want to do, also, there is little to no diversity at pikes peak, I am one out of the two persons of color in the entire high school, and I feel as if my culture is not accepted. I do feel though that it is very family oriented
I really like Pikes Peak Christian School. Because of the small school experience and the excellent teachers and their one on one involvement. And I like the diversity but it could be better. Though it could improve in other areas such as student organizations and facilities. But other than that I would definitly recommend the school due to it's excellence in academics and also a Christ-based education.
I love Pikes Peak Christian School. This is my first year there and I can easily say that this is the best school I've ever been to. Teachers can easily give students the one-on-one attention that they need sometimes with the small class sizes. The underclassmen always look up to the upperclassmen because they set such good examples for the rest of the school. The students are so respectful to their teachers and the teachers love their students so much. The relationships built there are so strong and Christ built. I consider myself very lucky to be going there.
The small size of the school allows the students and teachers to be really close. The teachers care so much about their students and give personalized attention. I was well-prepared for college because of the quality education I received.
PPCS really prepared me for college. The foundations in English, composition, science and math have made college much easier than I see in many of my fellow college students.
Most students are involved in at least one sport, band, drama, or Matchwits. Many are involved in two or more extracurricular activities. We all give our best, along with the Matchwits team that qualified for State year 2015-2016
I would not think twice about going to this school all over again. As an International Alumni who was only able to spend two years at PPCS, they were my greatest years and I would move to PPCS in my Freshman year if I knew how the experiences turned out to be.
In order to challenge oneself, one must seek opinions or advises from another to thrive to be better. The teachers show a diverse yet excellent teaching styles that keep students on their toes. Regarding their knowledge of what they teach, they are an immensely bright crew who always appreciates a student's input or question.
Security guard is present, we have had a little bit of stealing but nothing more
Small class size means we know each other well. The teachers are all sponsors of at least one activity. I was more prepared for college than many others my age because of the attention the teachers give to preparing us for college.
The number of activities is limited, but everyone participates and the teachers are super supportive!
Very supportive environment with Christ-based values. Homecoming, Fall Festival, Winter Banquet and Prom are great. Lots of opportunities to participate. Drama productions are so much fun! Inauguration trip to Washington DC was amazing, as was mission/education trip to Costa Rica.
I was very well prepared for the academic expectations of college.
While this school values a Christian and church background, those who do not have this background but would benefit from the supportive environment are able to attend. There is a voluntary program available (TRIP) that helps with tuition costs.
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Overall PPCS has great resources and faculties. We are getting advanced technology for each classroom and teachers and counselors provide advice and guidance for each student.
The teachers at PPCS are top-notch, highly effective teachers. They are always willing to give up their time to make sure a student fully understands the material and is gaining knowledge daily. Each teacher understands that students learn in different ways, so they try to include kinetic, visual and listening techniques to ensure that each student has the ability to learn at the highest level possible.
The school has food nutrition programs to promote health in the students and do not allow any bullying in the school. This is by far one of the best schools in safety because few to no students are involved in drugs or alcohol.
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