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Pike Valley High School Reviews

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At Pike Valley High School, all students are welcome and taken care of. On the other hand, sometimes this school accepts comfort instead of challenge. Some programs are challenging and rigorous, while others are not worth while. Overall, the teachers and staff care about the students and hope to see them succeed in life.
Pike Valley High School has very nice teachers. They are willing to help you one on one if needing the help. The class sizes are smaller that way you get more time to work on homework in class. This school has been a tremendous help to the one that have struggled at a larger school.
Wide range of classes offered(for a small school). Safe learning environment. Always felt welcome there!
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We had the tools necessary for success!
I usually felt challenged and not everything was super easy.
Everyone is accepted and there is little to no peer pressure.
I never felt unsafe while I attended this school.
I had an amazing experience and made memories that will last a lifetime!
The food was great and the cooks were very friendly!
We were all well aware of the rules and the rules were enforced.
I learned a lot from my coaches and I felt like I was well-trained!
The teachers were friendly and extremely helpful. I learned more from them than just the lessons that they were teaching.
I learned a lot of personal, professional and life skills from theses activities. I made lasting memories with my classmates and friends.
This school prepared me for job interviews with my resume and practice interviews. I had a completed career portfolio and was ready for any job interview. I also completed dual-credit courses and earned 21 credit hours from the local community college. I was able to take independent study periods where I took online classes directly from the university I would be attending after high school. The staff and faculty of this school were very supportive and helpful.
This is a great school! The one on one time with a teacher makes it im easier to understand what is being taught.
We have two gyms, one at the elementary and one at the high school. We have a nice football field. Sports are open to anyone that wants to be on the team. We have human performance, weights and freshman P.E. classes. We have cross country, volleyball, football, basketball and track. Softball and wrestling are also available, but we play with another school for those sports. The fans are amazing and always supportive. We have a very good cheer squad and it always gets the crowd pumped up!
The food here is wonderful! We have a great cafeteria staff and they make good food. The food is tasty. Since Mrs. Obama passed a school lunch law the portions aren't what is desired, but if you want seconds you can get more. If you bring a sack lunch, you're missing out! There are days that are more satisfying than others, but that depends on your own taste buds. Overall, we have a really great school lunch program.
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