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Pike Liberal Arts, or as fantastic atmosphere. Great teachers who care about students. Wish there were more classes offered.
I enjoyed my time at Pike Liberal Arts School. It is a small private school,so, I had many opportunities to be involved. If I would have gone to the local public school, I do not believe I could have been as involved in my school or community.
Pike liberal arts has very good academics as well as sports. Parents seem to be involved with something every week
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Students have many opportunities to choose a variety of extracurricular activities
We have had a positive experience at this school. My children have been provided a solid academic experience that has afforded them opportunities to advance their education to the next level.
Teachers at this a I'll go over and beyond for their students. They are creative and Taylor their teaching methods to their students. They genuinely care about each student.
Administration places a high regard for student / faculty safety both from within and outside of the school.
PLA has expanded its extracurricular activities in recent years beyond traditional athletic avenues into more artistic areas such as band and dance.
Pike Liberal Arts provides a unique opportunity for families to share life experiences across generations.
There is a great mix of young and more experienced teachers at PLA that learn from and feed off of each other.
The school has a great sense of community, everyone seems to be very friendly to one another and they accept the opinions of the various groups.
While no school probably has 100% satisfaction with teachers, for the most part we've had great experiences throughout the years. The elementary teachers lay a great foundation and the teachers in the later grades are usually very knowledgeable. The administration will always listen if a problem does occur.
We have cameras all over campus and a door locking system has been implemented for safety.
There are many to choose from.
I love everything about the school.
Teachers go out of their way to help.
Small school where teachers develop personal relationships with students and parents. Administration is dedicated to the students.
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No safer place than PLA. Teachers and students have drills for emergency situations.
I know they have drills for intruders, bombs threats and fire. They also have Parltriot Way every Thursday which is a chapel service. They also have speakers that talk about bullying and how it effects people. They also have a great relationship with the hospital and local law enforcement.
Many activities and clubs available.
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