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I loved my freshman year at Pike. I was a new kid in a big school. It was so large I became lost extremely fast for a week. the relationships you build in school are key and important, because you never know when you will need them again. I love the courses they offered. i.e digital media class. i was big in technology. I strongly believe we should have had a teacher who had more drive in his teaching on the curriculum. It is okay because if you really have the passion for that class, you will find your way with books and hands on training. I love how the sports kept me in shape. Since being out of high school. I went straight to work. So i didn't retain a lot of information from school into the workforce. Overall it aces in academics.
Horrible School with Drugs and lots of Cussing of course in the school Parents don't send your child to this school AT ALL! Beware of Bad kids! Pike Township is gone.
I like that we are an A school. The teachers and staff are very nice and helpful. It's an very diverse school. I have lots of opportunities. They try to give me plenty of options for college readiness.
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My experience with Pike High School is that I like how we have earned an A rating for the past couple of years which really makes the school look good. Some changes that I would like for up coming students is to let parents know more about after school activities that they can be involved such as robotics because from my experiences not many freshmen students are involved in the robotics team.
I love pike high school from its diversity to the teachers. The teachers that I have had the opportunity to learn from are caring and willing to do there best to help their students grasp the concept that they are teaching. What i would like to see change is more organization in the hallways and maybe even letting us park closer to the doors, especially this season since it is so cold. Altogether though, Pike is a great school and my four years here have been great .
The school is really too big for my daughter, who is very quiet and shy. But my main concern is/was the safety of the kids, as during her time there incidents of sex in the hallways and guns in backpacks were reported. Police/security were evident, but I did not always feel it was safe. This may be true of all city schools today.
A lot of people like to dog out their high school but when I think about Pike, I think about teachers who cared about making the content interesting for their students. I think about counselors who worked hard to build connections with students and help them accomplish their dreams. I also think about college advisors who helped Pike Seniors succeed and accomplish their academic and vocational goals. I remember visiting colleges in Kentucky and all over the state of Indiana before deciding on Ball State. Pike went out of its way to connect us to Pike alum who attended the university. My counselor printed out my transcript and had me meet with a speaker who came and talked to us about HBCUs. She looked at my transcript, my SATs and told me no matter where I decided to go, I would succeed. That was the learning environment that allowed for me to flourish and grow into the student I am today.
I liked pike high school’s academics and college readiness , they were very versatile and precise on how they wanted to teach you and ways to get the best out of your learning experience. The pike high school is diverse with race , gender, and disabilities offering a unique sense to all types of people. The administrations and safety of the school was pretty good they are strict and straightforward without playing any games. The sports teams are pretty good except football they need some work. The food has for what I’ve heard , definitely downgraded from the past name brand food companies they used to offer.
Pike High School is a very great school. There are amazing teachers, it is an amazing building, and I love the curriculum. Pike is a school that I will always remember and always love. Thanks Pike for accepting me! I hope others will love this school as much as I do.
I like how diverse my school is. I love that teachers are always willing to do to do one on one studying sessions with students and always giving thd extra help.
I like that Pike High Scholl prepare you for the College world. There are different activities you can get involved in to keep you ready for your success. Pike High School has people that care. The teachers are involved and will keep you focused on what you are here for. there is time to have fun, but the importance of getting an Education is key.
Pike is a 4A school with thousands of students. They offer all kinds of sports and are known for there athletics. They have all the recources for students to pass the classes they are taking. Overall pike high school is a pretty good school and really big as far as their population size goes.
I like the new improvements they have made into the STEM field, and the success of their academic clubs, such as the robotics team. The school is very diverse and welcomes all cultures, races, and ethnicitires.
Pike High School was a very fun experience for me . I loved the students I became friends with over time, and the teachers I built a relationship with. The administration was helpful at times, although there is a lot of favoritism that goes around pike rather it’s from teachers or coaches. Pike otherwise is a very fun school with fun activities that any kid would enjoy.
I like how some of the teachers are invested in our futures and help us out with things that we're going to need in the real world. They don't just teach us how to average and like every other person, they want us to succeed no matter where life takes us. The only problem is that there are only a small handful of teachers who do this. We as students and young adults need to learn more than just what's on the lesson plan. There is more to life than just letters and numbers.
My experience through my whole 4 years was a great experience. Teachers helped when I needed help and conselers help you decide on what class to take based on what career you want to purse and they encourage you to try your best in what ever class you have and never give up. I wish there was a little a bit more school activities like pep rally’s and fun things to do. The food is horrible chartwells food taste like cardboard and is not fully cooked and sometimes cold but over all it’s a good school.
I think pike is an okay school. We should be able to do more like have more fun things to do inside of school for the students to take off stress. I am a senior now at pike it’s been an okay year could be better.
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Highschool was a great experience. I wish they prepared us more for the adult life but that's okay. The school is a great school and it provides alot of opportunities for students.
I generally enjoyed my experience at Pike. There are many clubs, sports, and activities to be apart of. The school's population is large and diverse. It can often times be overwhelming, but it's also a very intriguing environment. No matter what school you attend, your experience mainly depends on what you make of it.
I been at pike high school since the 9th grade and now im a senior getting ready for college, many of the classes I took helped a lot and has been preparing me for college and understanding what college and my classes I have taken. Pike high school has a lot of opportunities with classes and careers, from barbering, EMT, cosmetology, computer class and more that can help you be ready for college. They also have great classes that will help you like taking Dual Credit classes or Ap classes. Man
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