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Pike-Delta-York High School Reviews

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Pike-Delta-York High School is a small school in a very rural town with average class sizes of about 80. For not being the most wealthy school out there, they do the best they can for their students and try to provide a good equal education for everyone. If you’re looking for a school with good athletics, this may not be your top choice. However the school is located in a small town with a great community always willing to help each other out.
As a small town, we do not have very many kids in each graduating class. Due to this, we are kept away from certain advantages that larger schools have readily available to them. Such as AP or Honors courses and classes for students to take. Because of this we are put at a enormous disadvantage when applying for colleges and scholarships. This is a setback for our high school that should not be an issue.
I had a great time at Delta high school. The sports I played were well organized and fair. The teachers helped when it was needed.
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I think that Delta is a good school for anyone to go to. There is a range of different students with different backgrounds, family types, races, incomes, and other things. It is a small school so everyone knows each other and you know if you need something you can ask someone for help by name. Overall, this is a great school. There could be small improvements made in various areas, but altogether I think Delta is an awesome school.
Delta High School has provided me with an excellent education. I took full advantage of all it had to offer and was accepted into the school of my dreams! The teachers here truly wish for your success if you put in the necessary effort and are willing to help you succeed.
Pike-Delta-York High School is a place where all the teachers really care about the students and work hard to make sure everyone understands whats going on.
I like how the teachers are very involved with activities and helping students with questions. I would like to see how strict the dress code is change a little bit. It seems it has been taken a bit too far.
PDY HS has wonderful academics. Our teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced. The workload is manageable and custom to every student depending on courses taken and motivation. Popular classes aside from the required include Spanish (as the only foreign language), Agriculture classes, Art, Career class, foods and choir/band.
Delta High School is an extremely safe school and I have not gone to school a day without feeling personally safe. We have a generally safe community that I am proud to call home. The schools are very fitting for this neighborhood.
Delta High School offers Art Club, Spanish Club, Quiz Team, SADD, National Honor Society, Student Council and Class Officers, and FFA. Each one of these clubs or organizations are extremely well funded and very wonderful to be a part of. I would recommend them to any student. Our administration is awesome at helping with these activities and I am privileged to be a member of four of the previously mentioned clubs and organizations. We plan and carry out fun activities and social events as well as fundraisers and service projects. As a member of NHS, I give up about 6.5 hours a month to peer tutor and I am proud to be from a school that offers this free service. This shows a genuine interest in the academic status of students.
I have been a Pike-Delta-York Panther for all of my education since kindergarten, and I have a lot of pride in that. We have an excellent school district with great staff. For the past 3 years, I have been attending the high school and I love it. I am proud to have a PDY education.
The teachers at the Pike-Delta-York Local School District are phenomenal. They allow me to have a wonderful high school education. For a small school, it is a great community. I believe my teachers are extremely educated, professional and love what they do. This allows me to feel the same. I love that they make themselves available outside the classroom for struggling students. Their grading is fair and reasonable. I am honored to be a student learning from these educators.
The school is very safe. Not only do I feel safe while in attendance, but the doors are locked and inaccessible so no intruders can easily get in. The students also know not to let anyone in, they must report to the main entrance, and then the secretary has to push a button to let the person in after they see who it is. Overall, the security of the school is great.
There is a variety of extracurricular activities available to students of different interests. We have a variety of sports, art club, Spanish club, quiz bowl, and more. The admistration is very supportive of the different extracurriculars and they are also very involved. Everyone involved is very committed to what they are doing.
My experience has been great. The teachers and staff are very approachable people and they are generous. One thing that makes this school unique is our wrestling program has been state champs for 4 years in a row. If I could do it all over, I'd attend the same high school. It's a place great to learn and make friends.
The teachers are great at Pike-Delta-York High School. The teachers are highly intelligent and approachable. They are there for the students when they are needed, and are always willing to help whether it's school related or not. Their grading is very consistent and their grades are almost always up to date.
Pike Delta York high school has been great , if there is one thing I could change it would be the student involvement. Not many students go to sporting events or get involved in pep rally's.
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Teachers are very supportive and helpful if you ask and the entire school is fairly close-knit which is nice. Otherwise it is boring and bad.
I loved my time here at DHS. The people around me have impacted my life, and made me who I am today. I am so incredibly thankful for the people in the school always caring how im doing or about my grades. They all have pushed me to be the best I can be and I am going to be a proud graduate of DHS.
The food is terrible, we once had a food strick
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