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Nothing to see more people graduated with their class instead of them having ti retake test and classes over again.
I like that you can earn college credits while still in high school. Also, you can earn an associates degree before your high school diploma!
I'm at the end of my 10th grade year. I am duel enrolled at Gordon College. d myself so far however I wish it could be a bit more challenging. More experiences in the real world so to speak. Health class visits and learns from hospitals, senior homes and more. I liked to see more of this example: Shop class could build a house, auto shop could build a car or repair someone's in need, science students could visit real labs of the CDC, forensics labs. things like that. I believe it would give students a better view if this is really what they want to study and choose as a career.
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Overall, this is a pretty great school. The teachers care and there are lots of ways to get involved.
I feel like I had a very average high school experience here. I was in the Move On When ready Program while here and graduated a year early. They needed to improve their communication with dual-enrolled students. I felt very disconnected.
Went here my whole time I was in school. It’s a small county so everyone know everyone. Anyone will help you do anything if you ask for help. It’s a great school system. The teachers will help you achieve your highest goals by pushing you to your limits. If there is a situation going on everyone there will hear you out to help you the best way that they can.
I started attending Pike County High School my Junior year and I am overwhelmingly pleased with the school. My previous years at high school were spent at Spalding High and they amount to nothing compared to the Pike County Schools.
Pike County is a really great high school to be in. Most high schools have defined social classes and cliques. Pike definitely has that same thing but its much less of a problem at Pike as opposed to anywhere else. Most friend groups inter mix and all hang out together at some point.
It's a good small town school, but with that comes the "everyone knows everyone" aspect and there is no diversity.
I like how friendly the counselors office is. You are always welcome no matter what. Although sometimes they need t get their students under control they are pretty good. The food in the cafeteria isnt all that great. I have had 2 really bad experiences with 2 of their teachers. They need to get some different ones.
I enjoyed my four years at Pike County high school. The school offered a wide variety of classes, clubs, and sports. I excelled not only athletically there, but also academically. I was an honor graduate and finished with a 3.89gpa. The teachers were very nice and cards about us as students; however, some of the classes felt as if they gave us participation grades, meaning that it seemed as though we would do an assignment, and it didn't matter if we did it right or not. As long as the teacher saw it was done, they would give us a good grade. Of course this helped my grades, but I wasn't being pushed enough.
I like the environment of Pike County High School. It is very safe and welcoming. The teachers are open and willing to support the students in their academic goals . There are more positives in the Pike County school systems than negatives. However, I would like to see a change in the diversity of Pike County High School. It is predominantly White , with little African Americans, Hispanics and other cultures and races.
Pike County High School is overall a decent school. There academic opportunities are amazing! The sports at Pike County are overall decent. The teachers and staff are very welcoming. Pike County is know for there good grades. The only thing I do not like is the food. Everything else is great.
The school itself was great. It was relatively small so everyone pretty much knew one another. Academically, we did decent. I can't really complain. I simply wish there was more diversity.
Since this is my last year of Highschool it's been a challenge. Having to jump into things I wasn't comfortable doing but eveentually for the hang of it.
To my understanding at school. It really depends on who you have as a teacher. Their are some that give it their all and some that are there because they have to be.
Very limited extracurricular activities because teacher or administrators are not available.
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Teachers don't challenge the students enough or plan lessons around academic testing.
There was an incident with anonymous bomb threats and parents were not immediately informed.
Academics are not challenging for students in comparison to other counties.
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