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Pike County High School Reviews

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Pike County High School is to be said as one of the best schools in the district. As I see the younger children getting smarter I'd say they are doing pretty well. Although this school may be smart pertaining to this district there are a lot of complaints from kids about food, education, and staff. Some teachers care and some do not but I think this may be in every school. The security could be better due to the fact that there has been an increase in school shootings but I have not seen any difference in that. The only security that this school has is the staff of the school. I rate the diversity low because the majority of the school is African Americans and Caucasians. Although this school could get better they do pretty well as they are. I grew up here so I'm used to everything but I'd like to see a slight change in security, food, and more classes.
they have 5 or 6 different free academies which students graduate high school with a associates degree
I liked the environment at PCHS. I liked the way the teachers prepared and readied it's students for the real world. I liked the idea that if a teacher thought or saw that you had potential to further yourself, they pushed you to strive your best.
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My experience of my school is great. The teachers are very out going towards us. The school allows us to start Dural Enrollment and to be able graduate our senior year with a Associtate Degree. I feel that our school be better if we all in uniform . I believe that can stop a decrease in bullying.
Pike County High Scool is a great school. We have a great principal and great teachers. There are many academies that the school offer to students that allows them to take college classes while still in high school. Overall this is the best school to go to.
I am a senior. I've been in band since 7th grade. I like the sports program we have here at pchs. The academics here are very excelling. & I love the way the faculty and staff encourages us to be better. & they are very well preparing when it comes to college. The extracurricular activities I attend at pike county high school is: band & baseball. It was basketball, but I never made the team my junior & senior year. The school is very safe. Bully free zone. & our food is very well prepared. It's a good way for our faculty and staff to try to get parents involved with activities.
I attended Pike County High School 9-12. I was a little afraid at first but things began to change after about a week. Things were great but there were some obstacles, like every teen may struggle with. I really enjoyed being at this school, though I didn't really make friends because I am more of an introvert. I would recommend this school, the faculty and administration care about the well being of the students.
The workload is not a problem, if you cant quite grasp on right away the teachers are there to help. There are many academics offered but mainly the necessities.
The health and safety policies are okay, the staff care about the well-being of the students.
The extracurricular activities at Pike County are great, they allow students to have participation, this is the most common way that students come out of their shell and find their voice.
Experience at Pike County was okay, everyone didn't always see eye to eye.
The teachers at Pike County do there jobs how they are intended to.
The teachers at Pike County High School actually care about the students. They go above and beyond to try to help the students succeed. All of the teachers are easy to talk to. Also, the teachers know the material they are teaching. They convey the information in unique and innovative ways. In the end, the faculty and staff at Pike County High School want what is best for all of the students.
We have sports that a lot of students dedicate and participate in and we also have extracurricular a outside of sport that are recognized such as the Art club and band.
What makes this school unique is the opportunities they open up for students and their overall school spirit. My favorite experiences would happen to be whenever I did sport activities everyone always have great energy weather the teams win or lose.
There are good teachers at this school but they happen to let students effect their plans at times and it is hard to keep up with your grades when they don't tend to tell students of them often.
I don't really know how many official extracurricular activities that we have but the one's that we do have are okay. The club or extracurricular activity that I love is Robotics. I love Robotics because it is a combination of students from three different schools coming together to make robotics and marketing our club and product. The meetings are fun you get to meet new people make friends and do what you love or like to do.
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If I had to do it all over again I would choose not to attend Pike County High School. I would not attend this school because we really don't have any true guidance. I remember when I first came to Pike County High School it was January 4 ,2012 it was my birthday and my first day at my new school. It was raining really hard so nobody showed me were my classes were so I walked around campus until I found my correct classes.
I personally feel that the way that the teachers grade is the worst. They only put in grades right before we get report cards of progress reports so until we receive our report cards are progress reports we don't know if we are failing or passing a course .
We do not have all of the extra precautions (to my knowledge) but it still feels like a prison
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