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I had a great experience at Pike County Central High School, I was very involved with the art programs and liked the atmosphere of the school itself, but funding for the school is really lacking. I know it is the school's fault for being underfunded, but the conditions of the school need to be updated or just need a new school in general.
Pike county central high school is one of the best schools around! The faculty members are so nice and supportive of ever single student! They make everything fair, rules are applied to everyone, and the try to help you with any situation! Pike county central high school has one of the highest testing scores around! Over all going to school there was a great experience! They made learning fun and easy, this is one school I wil never forget! GO HAWKS!
I like Pike Central because everyone knows everybody. When I'm walking the halls to go to class more than half the people will either speak or at least look up with a friendly smile. The teachers are extremely understanding and pay attention to the learning habits to all students, not just certain ones. This is very important to me in a place I spend 5 days out of the week. It makes me feel like I will always have at least one person to talk to if needed. It's overall just a great feeling to walk down a crowded hallway with 50+ students and faculty and to be known.
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I like the teachers and administrators, the majority of them are deeply invested in the success of students. I would like to see more of an emphasis be put into fixing the roof. It is badly damaged and there is leaks in the ceiling tiles nearly every single time it rains. In one class I have we’ve had to take out at least 4 ceiling tiles during class on our own and the janitors don’t really seem to care.
My experience throughout the year I have attended PCCHS has no doubt a great time, but some things I wish to see a change in would definitely be getting the counselors more involved in helping students with college. This would be for the absolute benefit for anyone who wants to succeed even further after high school. It is so important to make sure each individual student gets the help they deserve and need.
My experience at PCCHS was incredible. The students will welcome you with open arms, no matter what you think, you will be able to find people who are like you and people that share interests and common traits. The school spirit however is easily the biggest thing. Everyone supports the school’s extracurriculars. From Basketball boys and girls, to football, all the way to band and chorus. There’s something for everyone and there will be massive school spirit behind it. However, a draw back is that there are a few people that will still stick to their cliques, but that’s to be expected at our age.
Great facilities and extracurricular programs. All teachers go out of their way to ensure subject comprehension.
My 4 years at Pike County Central taught me the importance of preparing for college. Because of this, I spent my Senior year getting a head start on college by taking 5 dual college courses. I can't think of anything that Onwoild change about my PCCHS experience. The teachers and faculty are great people who care about their students future!
Pike County Central High School is a welcoming school where you can always find people you can connect with and a supportive staff that are always willing to help you if you need it. The only thing about our school that needs to be changed is the school is understaffed due to budget problems, so all the employees work more then what they are payed for and it can take its toll on the school environment.
I was heavily involved in the music department while at PCCHS, and I loved every minute of it. You can tell that the school really cares about all of it's extra curricular programs rather than staying biased towards one.
Bullying policies are awful at Pike Central. The school is mostly dirty, as well. I feel like the nurse does a good job with students. The safety policies are not practiced a lot at Pike Central.
My overall experience at my high school have been okay. I feel like high school could have been better. One thing that makes PCCHS unique is we have talent shows every semester. This makes high school students by having self esteem. The school spirit isn't very good, nor has it ever been in the past four years. I thing faculty could get more involved with making a difference in that.
Some of the teachers at PCCHS are amazing. Some of them do not care about their students or their futures. Out of all the teacher I've had, only a handful have showed genuine compassion towards students' futures. I have had to go out on my own to learn how to do things in class and real world issues.
The teachers behind the AP and honors courses are by far the best in the area. The curriculum is great for college preparation, and which the class is usually fast paced, they always slow down for students to understand more difficult topics. There were some class assignments and occasional homework, but the workload was never heavy.
Students are accepting of each other aside from a few that are intolerant. Students don't get involved in activities as much as the students in other schools in the area.
While the teachers at my school were generally exceptional, they tend to pick favorites in terms of grading. A few various teachers don't teach the class, and have communication issues with the students.
While there is a variety of activities to choose from, coaches and administrators do not put in effort to keep them going.
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My school was strict on policies such as bullying, suspending the bully and involving the police on the first offense.
Made very many friends and experienced my life at this shool
Great teachers who try their very best every day/
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