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I was bullied here several times and nothing was done about it even though it was reported by many different people.
I liked Pike because it was in a small town and people just knew everyone. The staff was friendly and I enjoyed having my coach as a teacher.
Pike Central High School is not my favorite High School. I went to 4 different schools and out of those, this one was my least favorite. There was a safety concern and many of the teachers did not provide a good education. Kids messed around and got away with being lazy and inappropriate. Staff was not very helpful either.
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I will be graduating from Pike Central High School in a few short months and I am grateful for a chance to express my opinions. In this year alone, we have painted several rooms in an attempt to redecorate the school and it honestly makes me very happy. Being a team effort, several students got to participate in the redecorating process, which only brought the student body closer to pride for our home-school. The school recently took away the privilege of carrying backpacks all day in the attempt to secure our safety and I sincerely respect that. Pike Central has opened many doors for me and shown me how to be successful in my future adulthood, meanwhile maintaining a good, juvenile environment.
Teachers are great and easy to get along with. All the classes are easy to take. If you work hard and do your work, you will pass all your classes. The classes aren't hard at all. Some teachers don't give you as much homework as others. If your lucky you could possibly get these teachers and don't have to get much homework
Not too fond of after 3 tardies you have detention Everytime you are late. The teachers and councilors are very nice.
Pike Central High School was a second home to me for four years. I wouldn't change it for the world. It has its issues, especially with money and equality among sports, but it's an incredible school.
What I really liked about Pike Central was all of the teachers would work with the students really well. Also, all of the students pretty well got along together.
The students at Pike Central are some of the most considerate you will ever see. Bullying is nowhere near as big of a problem here as it is in surrounding schools. The teachers encourage respect and provide an example for students to follow.
Many teachers are willing to work with students at their own individual pace, even if it means working with the student before or after school to help them keep up.
My only complaint would be the lack of communication between staff members. Often times, many teachers are uninformed of changes in the daily routine or are unaware of a school-wide assembly that will be taking place. However, the communication is improving greatly, so perhaps in the next year or so, it will no longer be a problem.
Bullying is huge at my school they try to stop it but it doesn't work. We don't have the nicest people ever at my school.
The lunch ladies are nice but they are taking all the good food away for more healthier options. While wheat stuff that tastes bad.
Our VP is very bad. She is probably the rudest person I have ever met. She acts like she is our principal. Our principal is the nicest lady ever and she just gets pushed around.
Some teachers here try and do their job with the students but other teachers are just bad.
We have a variety of sports but we aren't good and we don't get the funding we need. We have other clubs like National Honors society and student government and key club and German and Spanish club. I wish we had some more interesting or better ones.
lots of exchange students and sexual orientations.
Food needs work. Staff is friendly & outstanding.
I would do this again & I wouldn't change a thing.
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Need more college prep and building needs work.
Football sucks and little school spirit too.
They are highly driven to teach their students.
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