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Piggott High School has very nice gyms and very caring teachers. Through my experience going to school there, there is not anything I would change about it.
One thing I would have to say that I love about this school is how close everyone is. A vast majority of the faculty live in Piggott and make themselves available to the students when they need extra help with coursework. If a student needed someone to talk about an issue at home or with other students the teachers make themselves available to help those students to speak to the counselor about the issues. I also have to say that the band program has become phenomenal in recent years. What used to be good is now amazing. One thing I would like to see change, however, is the lack of study halls that the students have. Maybe don't give students in lower grade levels study halls, but consider giving them to Juniors and Seniors. Those students take harder classes because they're reaching the end of their schooling and perhaps they're even taking college courses. They may need extra time during the school day to do work for those classes.
I attended Piggott High School and there are a few things that need to change. The Principal and VP often do not do their jobs. This is irritating because if a students goes to them for something serious, it needs to be taken care of. Also, I feel this school does not prepare you for college. Throughout my high school career, I do not believe I have learned the material that should prepare me for college.
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I think some safety measures should be adjusted and the rules regarding safety should apply to all equally.
Not many other than sports
Small school size allows the teachers to know the names of all students,
There are a few teachers that are excellent, in helping all students achieve success; however most teachers worry about your last name more than helping. With the right last name you will always have any problems resolved that come up.
Our school was more interested in sports than they were in other clubs and band. We as a band was winning awards and our football team was not winning anything yet the band was told there was no money for them. I think that all clubs and groups should be treated equally.
I would not do over with the teachers and administrators that we currently have. I don't feel that most of them care enough to take the time to help the kids in school. If you are not someone who is real sporty or extra smart then you are put on the back burner.
Most of the teachers act like they are more interested in getting together with other teachers then teaching. Most of them are very self absorbed.
It is just a small school, people come and go as they please. There are know police in our school.I think we have one nurse for grade school and high school, don't know of any health programs.The school is safe.
I really don't know, I guess it is ok. I don't play sports or band. I mind my own business and study, I'm not what you would call very social.
The teachers don't seem to care they just pass the kids to get them out. For us smart ones it is hard because the teachers dumb down everything for the kids that are there because they have to. I won the 2013 mos and got to go to Fl. to compete in the nationals.
some of the teachers are ok, but most are only there to get a paycheck and to get summers off. The high school adviser doesn't seem to know much about anything to help students get scholarships.
You will learn just enough to pass the exams and graduate. Do not expect anything more. The kids rule the school and each group gets worse year by year, bringing the school down with them. Most students do not aspire to do anything other than stay in the small town and work where they can to just make a living and survive. I enjoyed my tenure though I was part of the last graduating class before the recent rule crackdowns. Now I hear that more freedoms have been taken away and it is simply miserable. Just make it through and take advantage of the easy classes. Keep a high GPA and get out of Piggott.
They have good rules but could enforce them better
Most of the teachers are really nice.
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This is a very clean and well cared for school.
Our no longer really has a dress code, and that is very offensive. It gives the students the right to wear shorts that are way to short and shirts that are cut too low. One of the main things at this point, after receiving three tardies, the student is given ISS (in-school suspension) and a day is added towards semester testing.
Our athletics program is very extensive. We offer the following: volleyball, basketball, football, softball, and baseball.
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