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Overall Pigeon Forge High School is a very good high school. It has a very good community support and friendly staff. Most teachers and trained to do ACT prep and will work with you to help you prep for collage. It has a very loving and supporting system.
Pigeon Forge High School has given me nothing but the best opportunities to aide in the start of my future. The administrators know about every student by name and they know exactly what each student is involved in whether it is clubs, sports, or extracurriculars. The faculty is extremely caring towards the choices made by me and my peers; I know every teacher personally and each of them makes it known to me that if I ever need any help with my schoolwork or with things going on in my life then I could come to them to them for support. Additionally, my peers at Pigeon Forge High School encourage each other to apply for scholarships and to continue their education at a college level. Without everyone at Pigeon Forge High School, I doubt I'd be the person I am today, or that I'd even be here at all.
I grew up in Pigeon Forge Tennessee and there is no other place I would rather be! Pigeon Forge High School has prepared me for the real world in a variety of ways. Pigeon Forge is a smaller school, the teacher and student relationship is awesome. I have became really close to all of my teachers and they all have took part in preparing me for college and the real world. My basketball coach especially has. My basketball coach Emory Cain has taught me more than just how to play basketball. He has taught me how to be a leader, how to be mentally tough, how to be responsible, and most importantly how to set an example for others to act upon. I am thankful to be a student at Pigeon Forge High School.
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I liked the clubs, I liked the teachers. Not a bad school to be honest. I was here with many friends, if you like a average good school. This is the place you want to be. Everything is good.
I grew up in all of the Pigeon Forge school systems. I have never had a problem with any of the teachers or staff members. I have grown up knowing a lot of the same friends ,but I have also met new people. We are pretty known for sports ; we have a few state championships in different sports. I played soccer toward the end of my middle school career and towards he begining of high school. My high school coach is an amazing, supportive, and a true role model. The few things I have an issue with our high school is that the school needs a few repairs. The school needs to invest on buying a new intercom, roof, and wider hallways. Sometimes it seems the school invest in stuff that aren't as necessarily as the repairs. Thank you for your time, and I appreciate you considering me as a nominee
Pigeon Forge is a great school to attend. I had a great experience there with the faculty, staff, and fellow students. The sports programs are great and have really exceeded within the past couple of years. The coaches know what they are doing and are very competitive. Go TIGERS!
The school focuses heavily on sports to the extent of ignoring academics. It pays thousands of dollars a year for sports fields but almost no budget it given to the band, the teachers, academic clubs, or to developing higher-quality classes or buying better books.
My high school is a school where everyone is welcome. My teachers are always there for me when it is needed. Whether it be emotional or physical help, they are there for me always. The only thing I would recommend is that the administration is average, and I would love for them to be above and beyond when it comes to my schooling.
Overall a pretty good school. There could definitely be some improvements though, such as more clubs. There's just not enough people to start more clubs at the moment, though.
I love Pigeon Forge High School mainly because it provides a diverse learning environment. It allows me to interact with many of my friends in school related activities that enhance our ability to learn. The teachers of our school are very understanding and caring to an individual’s situation, and they will work with them to catch up.
As a recent graduate of PFHS, I owe the school tremendously. The staff and teachers there molded me into who I am today. As a football player, there is no better feeling in game days than to walk the halls in our player specific polos and read banners, talk to teachers -many of which are very involved in athletics, and feel the support of the school behind you. Sure there's always students and teachers who just aren't interested in athletics but they're very minimal here. Academics are also something pressed at PFHS. Mr. Bo(counselor) made sure I got in classes that would benefit me the most and even talked Dr. Clabo(principle) into letting me take 18 hours of college credit the second semester of my senior year. If you put in effort, they have the resources, care, and knowledge to allow you to succeed. Tiger For Life.
The teachers are great to get along with. They are willing to help out whenever you need them to. The guidance counselors are on top of every scholarship that comes around and are eager to get students high GPAs and test scores. The principal is a great guy to know and he knows each and every students' name. It is a very friendly school and I highly recommend it.
Pigeon Firge Hogh School is a great school. The teachers and staff are very attentive and very helpful to all of us there. I have attended this school four years and will be graduating in May 2017. I am going to further my education at Appalachian State University this coming Fall. Pigeon Forge High school has given me many opportunities as an athlete and a scholar and I would highly recommend this school to anyone in the future.
The teachers and staff at PFHS are very friendly and understanding. They work with you to help meet your specific learning needs. I will admit that the school may be in need of a few tuneups here and there, but it is an excellent school overall.
My teachers and the staff did much to make me feel welcome here. There is a more personal level of interaction here than most schools, and I should know, because I have lived in five states and attended four different high schools. The other students accept and include newcomers (for the most part). However, I do not think the academics are as rigorous as they could be.
Looking back on the last four years of high school, I can honestly say I wouldn't have waned to go anywhere else. Pigeon Forge is a great place for students to grow academically and personally. The teachers and staff are exceptional and always want to see students succeed. The only thing I would like to see change is the quality of the performing arts program. We have a talented student body and I would like to see our auditorium and sound system updated.
Pigeon Forge High School has an incredible faulty and student support system. With roughly 600 students, it is easy for close relationships to be formed. In addition, my high school is very community involved, which molds students into engaged citizens who strive to better their community. I love how to teachers push me to be my best but also get to know me on a personal level and advise me on future decisions. In addition, the guidance department at Pigeon Forge is incredible. They know each student by name and are always ready to assist me with scholarships, applications, and recommendations.
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Pigeon Forge High School is an awesome place to learn. We have received many awards from US News for our excellence. We offer AP classes and Dual Enrollment classes. We have an award winning Marching Band and many sports to choose from. We are big enough for you to have tons of choices yet small enough that you will never feel lost.
It is a great school with lots of opportunities for those who want to further their education by going to college. The guidance office is very helpful for whatever you are wanting to achieve in your high school years.
My school offers a lot of honors and AP classes especially in the past few years. There have been a lot of trouble with scheduling in the past 4 years but it has gotten better.
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