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The IB program really challenges you. Students who succeed in the Diploma program will really be ready for college. There are AP classes to take as well. I know a lot of people in my graduating class got into top ranked colleges. The school has a strong theater program and competitive sports teams for a small school. Administration does a great job hiring teachers. Sag Harbor has a lot of history and its nice they are finally fixing up the facilities. I feel so much more prepared for college than others here at college, so I think Pierson did a good job getting me ready.
Pierson is a very small school district with less than 1000 in the entire district. This is great for the small town community feel but it doesn’t work well for all. It has limited things to offer and a small pool of social opportunities.
Small school, which is nice for some, but when you're not one of the popular accepted typical crowd, sometimes that can feel very lonely and isolating
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My only real complaint about Pierson is how the administrators are pushovers who act based on what know-it-all parents want and not what would be in the best interest of the students. Aside from that, Pierson was great for me-I got into a top college and even though the ib diploma program was just starting while I was there I feel like it really helped me think for myself and learn to study.
The diversity and the culture of PHS really need to change. The administration needs to do more to help kids with not only school and prep for college but all of the bad situations that have happened there and nothing is done about it.
Pierson High School can offer a good education to any student who is motivated to work hard. I have had a pleasant experience at Pierson. Pierson is small, which means it has small social circles but it also means it is a very tight-knit school. It is nice to have a relationship with the teachers at Pierson, many of them go above and beyond to make sure their students understand and enjoy what they are learning. The IB diploma can be extremely stressful but rewarding. Pierson's sports teams are competitive. Pierson offers plenty academic and community service clubs, however, because Pierson is small options can be limited. Students continue to add more clubs each year. Some parents are extremely involved, arguably too involved. The administration is friendly but firm. The food is decent, the building is nice for a public high school, and the library can be an excellent resource. Pierson offers quality public education to students that want to learn.
Great sense of community and great teachers. Because it is such a small school you become really close with your teachers which can make it easier to approach them with problems and questions. With the IB diploma it is great to challenge yourself and have a preparedness for college.
Pretty good academics. You can tell a lot of the teachers really care. There's a multi-cultural night with lots of fun activities where the school tries to cover up the fact that its like 98% spoiled rich white kids. Most of the sports teams are good, others ehhh. A LOT of parents get involved. This school will definitely prepare you for college, if you do the IB program that is. Food is bad. Like really bad. Same with the facilities, bathrooms are gross and i don't mean high school bathroom gross, i mean murder scene gross. There was a stall that didn't have a door for a couple months in the girls bathroom, people still used it so i guess it wasn't that much of an issue. Anyways, a good school, but very small. So you'll be close with everyone, but your business becomes everyones business. Well at least we don't have a heroine problem like East Hampton's school does.
A little school with little to offer. It wasn't until I graduated and moved away that I realized this below average school convinces students and parents that it is a great school by simply saying it is a great school over and over again until everyone believes it. But compared to most other schools, it's lame and disappointing.
Many clubs, both academic and not, including Model UN, walking club, plays and musicals. Although there is great variety, the small size of the school can make it difficult to keep attendance up at clubs.
The teachers care about their student success, and make an effort to find a teaching style that works best for the particular class.
Sports are good. Need more clubs
Most teachers are good but I wish they'd be challenged more by administrators
Security is good, school nurse communicates well with students. Need better health education
Most of the teachers are good but more pressure should put on the teachers who are not up to par
There are both positive and negative aspects about attending this school. It's great in the education aspect, because the school is very small as well as the student to teacher ratio, which gives the students a high quality of education. However, by attending such a small school, you are limited to friend groups.
Most of the teachers have a certain syllabus they follow, because they have taught the same course for many years. I find that these teachers are much easier to learn from, then those who have only been teaching for a couple of years or less. I feel that they are not properly trained and only follow the syllabus once in a while to stay on track.
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There's room for improvement of work ethics of students and teachers.
It really depends on the teacher. Some teachers I have had are very engaged, love teaching, and do more than they have to for their students. But I have also had teachers who don't seem to care about how we are doing and are not very intelligent, for example, an english teacher using improper grammar that I could point out in 9th grade.
The teachers care deeply about the students. The academics are amazing. There are opportunities for everyone. I have been in the highest academic rigor possible and it has been amazing. I've had help from every teacher I've needed help from and it has made me a better student and person.
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