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Pierce Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I had a good experience at Pierce, but strongly disliked how athletics seemed to be more focused on than academics.
What I like about Pierce is that they have many club and after school activities. What I would like to see change is maybe some new equipment for the sports.
There are several different extracurricular activities that students can be involved in. Each of these organizations and activities strive to be the best at what they're doing. If a student joins a club or activity then she is fully committed.
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I have great experiences at my school! My favorite part during my high school career was getting to experience state basketball four times in a row with my best friends. I also love how dedicated the teachers are with helping each student to become the best they can be.
Almost all of the teachers at my school genuinely care about each of their students. I love this aspect about our school, because if someone is struggling in a class the teachers will help you to understand better.
There is a very strong anti-bullying policy, and makes sure nobody is mistreated. There are security cameras in every hallway and outside the building as well. The school nurse is shared between the elementary and high school, so she might not be in the right place when needed but is easily contactable.
There is a range of academic clubs, sports, and art/drama clubs. People who are involved in a club usually participate all four years of their high school career. This school is mostly sports-minded, but there are also a lot of other options for extracurricular activities for other students. The administration staff and community are very supportive of activities.
My favorite experiences were when we won girls state basketball three years in a row. This school if more sports-minded, but there is also a lot of support for other extracurricular activities. I would choose to send my kids here when I start a family because of my good experience here.
Teachers make their number one priority the success of the students. Each teacher has their own teaching style, and try to teach to individual students' learning styles.
I believe that PHS is one of the best area schools. At PHS everyone has a sort of price. PHS is a very conservative school and really blows other school experiences out of the water. I think that PHS doesn't just care about academics or athletics. It's both.
School food is pretty bland overall. We usually see the same thing for lunch every month sometimes even twice. I wish there were more options for healthy eating, like more salad, fresh fruits and veggies rather than canned. I also wish water did not cost money at lunch, I wish you had an alternative besides milk. Another thing I wish we had was multiple options for lunch rather than the hot meal or salad bar. I wish you could choose between two and a salad bar.
PHS has a strong faculty and administration. Each of these cares about the student body to the fullest extent. PHS does not condone bullying, or any other kind of emotional and physical abuse among students. For every negative action there is a reaction and these could include a detention, in school suspension or loss of student privileges. The principal and counselors are always readily available to meet student concerns and needs.
Sports and fitness are a big deal here at Pierce High. Going to any sort of sporting activity is a great experience because the student body is there to support the team along with a majority of the community. I feel that Pierce prides itself on sporting excellence and performance. In school fitness such as gym class and strength training are also strongly encouraged here at Pierce. All in all, the school spirit is strong along with other factors like team and fan support.
To me, Pierce High has some of the best teachers that I have ever had. I feel that in this school failing is not an option. The teachers want you not only to pass your classes but to get a great grade in your classes. They genuinely care about your performance and many if not all would go above and beyond to help you. The teachers here at Pierce High actively use technology in the classroom along with engaging real world examples. Grading here is consistent, accurate and effective for the work load of the students.
There are multiple opportunities for students to get involved in sports and clubs here at school. A large part of the student body is very active in either one club or sport, many kids are active in more than one. Some clubs at this school could use more funding though. For example, the drama department could use more funding for a better set, make up, props and costuming.
School is okay, fitting in is hard, and being different here is kind of frowned upon.
99% of the kids here believe the same thing.
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Our teachers are pretty good for the most part. Our guidance counselor is always gone and never seems to provide much help
For the most part our academics are pretty good.
Our school food is terrible. It tastes bad, it looks bad, it smells bad, and after you eat it, you just feel bad.
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