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Very small school. With that, comes very few opportunities. If you love Ag, this is THE school for you. If you are interested in ANYTHING else, it is probably not the school for you. There are some teachers that make their class fun and always interesting, but there are some that only drone on and make the class very boring. AP classes are sparse, and there are few clubs. However, FFA is the biggest club here. Sports are an easy way to get your mind off of academics. Overall, classes here are easy, but there is not a real track for high achievers.
Over the past three years and a half I have grown in Pierce High School. I love the environment and the people there. It is a small school but all together we are one big family. Pierce High School has taught me well and has offered me many opportunities I am grateful for today. I wouldn't change one thing from Pierce High School because everything that is there shapes everyone to who they are or will be.
Students only bully those who fall out of the communal norm.
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There are not a lot of clubs for all students to join. Clubs are mostly geared toward the agricultural department.
A unique factor of this High school is that parents and or grandparents, of students attending this campus, had attend the school themselves.
You hardly see bullying at our school , Fights, Or Expulsion.
Our Athletic Department is always in good hands.
The Teachers here are amazing, They never give up. If a student is struggling the teacher does whatever it takes for that specific student to continue on with his classwork and lessons he seems to be having problems with. All of the teachers stay after hours to help out their students I feel like that's an amazing feeling to have here at PHS.
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Sports is awesome at my school. Everyone in any team for any type of sports are like brothers and sisters.
The food is okay, but i hate the fact that most of the time they serve the same food day by day.
The dress code is too strict.
The weight room is awesome at my school. A lot of people go lift to have fun and to be in shape. Coaches/Teachers provide students with a variety of weight lifting exercises.
This school is very safe. People are not a bunch a bullies. Mostly everyone gets along.
its okay. we have an options of either pizza, salad, or soup and paninis
Some teachers are rude while others are very helpful
We have sports, but people really care about football and track
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My experience at Pierce High School has been ok. I wish there had been more classes to take, not just our core classes. I wouldn't choose this school again, because everyone thinks alike and if you are different, you are not accepted
The school of mine is mainly consists of two cultures. Mexicans and Whites. Mexicans hang out with Mexicans and whites with whites. However sometimes there are mixing of the two ethnicities, but for the most part they like to keep separate.
We have a small school where everyone knows everyone. If you're not in the "good 'ol buddy system", or if you're a minority, like me, it'll be much harder to get your voice heard
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