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They handle some things very well, as most should. We have lots of great accomplishments, some we have even made this year! My school is a very good school to be in, in our region alone we have top test scores.
I love the curriculum in school, I've learned so much from coming from Wayne county high to Pierce last year! They're definitely a good school, education wise, but structure wise, not so much. I also don't like that we don't have very much student involvement, such as pep rallies, like most schools do.
There are numerous extra curricular activities available at PCHS. The wide range of athletics include football, baseball, basketball, softball, competition cheer, etc. Alongside the sports, this school also offers many fine arts options. These programs include marching/symphonic band, musical theater, one-act, all state chorus, film club, etc. There are many diverse people who participate in each extracurricular activity. Our administration shows their full support by attending most of the after school activities.
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My high school experience was probably the best someone could ask for. Alongside my friends, I was a part of numerous clubs/activities. Some of these include color guard (band), Beta club, FCCLA, FBLA, and the work-based learning program. All of these programs allowed me to give back to the school and community in some way. If I had to do it all over again I would definitely choose this high school again. This school is one where everyone can be a part of something and feel welcomed.
The high school I attended had a group of the best teachers in our community. Most of the educators at PCHS went above and beyond student and parent expectations to meet the needs of their class. Teachers and administrators were always available for help/guidance for students that needed it.
There are many sports to choose from but few clubs. Also, some sports don't get as much recognition or funding as they deserve.
If I had to go here again, I would. It grows on you. As an underclassmen, you hate going to school. As a junior and senior, you love it. You get to see friends, it's not as hard as you were always told, and you form better bonds with faculty that make your life super easy.
As someone who took honors, AP, and college courses throughout high school at PCHS, I can confidently say that I had very few teachers who fell short of my high expectations. Most of my teachers and professors went above and beyond with just a few teachers having what could only be described as a "god complex" which meant they were never wrong. Even when they lost my paper, gave me a zero for not turning it in, and then found it a couple days later in their bag.
it really is the best in every way
they really care about their students
The school is great! The teachers and staff are very friendly and strive to help the students do their best. Our school has some excellent academic and extracurricular achievements. Overall I would recommend this school to anyone.
My time at PCHS couldn't have been better, and I already feel the sorrow of not attending because of graduation. The teachers were great, and you could have fun in class while also learning a ton. Sporting events are usually in high attendance, and there are many activities and clubs to take part in.
Pierce County High School is one of the best schools in my area and a high ranking school in the state. We have been told that other principles from across the state come to our school to observe how we operate so successfully. How can you not be pumped to be apart of a school such as that?! Our school is full of pride which makes everything more fun. Students participate in a wide variety of "spirit" boosting actives wether its goofy dress up days such as the 12 days of Christmas or packing out the stands for Friday night football games. Most importantly, our school focusses on academic success and providing us with numerous opportunities to excel in academics, not only for during high school but for college as well by providing college classes worth college credits. The combination of all of this makes our school unique and is why I would choose my school every time.
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Was the best first 3years. New principal and did a few improvements. But overall great
It could have been the best just needed more push for overall spirit
As all schools have there are cliques but there are many blended roles with prep/athletes/intellectuals.
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I bring my own food
Would like to see a personal business development class. Not only teaching ms word but personal finance,banking, and making career and planning.
Would like to see more development with education in 9th grade as well as upperclassmen.
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