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Pierce City High School is located in small town call Pierce City. The teachers and the staff are very helpful and most of the time, nice. They would always give you an opportunity to improve and if you take, you will be assure to get a good grade in that class. Pierce City High School has a lot of school spirit. During the school year of 2017-2018, the Student Council adviser started a little competition to see which class (class of 2018, class of 2019, class of 2020, class of 2021) would have the most spirit. This includes going to sports game, cheering the loudest for your grade, etc. Pierce City High School has the good atmosphere of a simple high school life.
I love the small town life. I loving driving down the road and being able to wave at just about everyone. Pierce City is great not only for the supportive community, but the staff. Teachers love helping their students out and it's really helpful. Also, you're not just your teacher's student, but their friend.
Overall my experience at Pierce City High School has been well. The teachers are great and motivate the students to do their best whether it be in clubs, sports, academics, or other activities.
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I liked how our school is really committed to sports, however I would change that not very many non-sport students don't attend anything
I have been attending this high school for three years and two out of those three have been pretty rough. I am an openly gay student which means that I have to deal with quite a bit of bullying. I have pushed through even though I had no help from administration when I was publicly bashed by a fellow student within my school and her family. I do not think that the school administration takes bullying seriously and if something is not done to improve this then more and more students are going to have to go through the same things I did.
The teachers help you, and they try to make them fun, so that you understand the subject at hand. I would like to see the students interact with one another, and have school spirit.
Pierce City High School is a small public school in rural Missouri. Although it is a small school it is full of opportunities through its multiple clubs, sports programs and dual credit classes. Through participating in clubs such as being a member in the National FFA Organization I have been able to earn the chance to go to Louisville Kentucky, Indianapolis Indiana, and compete against my peers at the FFA State Convention in Columbia Missouri. Through the dual credit classes I have been able to get a head start on college credit hours.
When I first moved here, my first thought was, "Oh gosh, I am going to hate it here. I am going to be that lonely kid who is always quiet and keep things to herself. No one is going to like me." But as soon as I got here, they proved me wrong. Everyone was so friendly. They introduce their selves to me and even showed me to my next class, which was honestly a life saver. Pierce City has to be one of the friendliest school that I have ever been in. The students here are so talkative and nice. They make you feel like you are a part of something and just includes you in everything.
easy to join all of the clubs.
lots of cliques everyone knows eachother
varies by teacher. most excel at their job.
This school does not have much trouble.
I really love the academic here.
I love the field trips.
There are not that much fun activity.
I love this school, it is only four days a week, small town school. Almost everyone gets along well, it's a low to no violence school and low to no crimes that happen in PC. The teachers are not just your teachers but friends as well, they care about each and every student that walks through their doors. I would most definitely choose Pierce City if I had to do it over again, because I have made memories with everyone there.
My overall experience at Pierce City High School was really great. I loved most of my classmates, going to sports events, and the friendly atmosphere of the school. Everyone was always really nice, helpful, encouraging, and very supportive.
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I bring my lunch to school every day because I like to cook my own meals but other people say that the food is good for a small rural school cafeteria. There are always three choices of meals to choose from and sometimes there are more. The salad bar is always full of vegetables and usually fat-free dressings. There aren't any snack options available because of the healthy eating plan that the First Lady has bestowed upon public schools but most kids aren't hungry after they eat breakfast and lunch anyway so there isn't a need. For people who stay after school there is a convenience store about a fourth of a mile away where students can purchase food and drinks on the cheap.
The policies for discipline at this school are very strict because as a community Pierce City values respect and honor. In order to keep our values in place as a community we must act respectfully as a student body. Late homework assignments results in zeros or detentions, incorrect cell phone usage results in in school suspension, and anything major results in out of school suspension. Bullying is not tolerated at Pierce City High School, if you bully someone mentally/emotionally then you can get in school suspension but if you bully someone physically then you will receive out of school suspension. If you violate the dress code you will be sent home to change, if you do not change then you can receive either detention or in school suspension.
The entire town of Pierce City is in love with sports so there is a lot of school spirit going on. The students in every grade participate in at least one school activity, most of them are involved in sports. The teams always do their best which is what they're told to do by the coaches. Pierce City has gone to districts and to state in many sports over the past ten years. Pierce City has a very good athletic program and many of the athletes receive scholarships before they graduate. All of the athletes must maintain a certain grade point average otherwise they are automatically kicked off of the team. This provides motavation to do well in school so they can participate in athletics.
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