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I played football there and had a great time with everything that happened at the school but the administration was very poor. The teachers in the hall would dis agree with them and my personal though about then is that they did stuff for themselves more then for there job and the school but other then that the school was great. I played more then just football there, I also played rugby and wrestled. I really thought that it was a great place to go for activies and other fevents
I was the quiet kid mostly and focused on my academics. However, there was still time to enjoy everything in my high school career and PV has helped me prepare for that next step in life.
Piedra Vista High School is the best high school your child can graduate from in the Farmington area. They make sure to have the best teachers and staff to get your child ready for college. Their counselors are very helpful on helping the students apply for college and what they need to do to be accepted. They encourage you to keep going to school.
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I transferred to Piedra Vista High School during my freshman year, and when I got there, they made me feel welcome! The staff and students are very kind. They have a very safe campus, the teachers will care for the students and help them with anything going on, either its school or in life. I learned how to prepare myself for college and I had an amazing experience there. I don't think that there's nothing that I would change at Piedra Vista High School.
They need to have off campus lunch. As well as a little more freedom. Overall, it is a good school. The choir program is very good.
The school was very organized and had many opportunities to help the students grow. There were many different programs to be involved in. I would love to see those programs grow even more!
I would like them to add more things for college more opportunities for clubs at frisbee golf and chest and all those other kinds of things. The teachers seem to not really care about the students as much as the other schools around him.
I moved to Farmington from California in 2014. I was so nervous to start school especially as a Freshman. On my first day, all of the teachers were very welcoming and nice. The students were also kind and answered any questions I had. Throughout all my years here, I've noticed that the administration actually cares about you and want to help you in any way that they possibly can. This is a very impressive High School and it is a privilege to be at such a great school.
Piedra Vista highschool over the past four year has recived an A rating in the state of new Mexico based of off academics. The majority of the teaching staff is extremely college supportive and is willing to put in extra work with students including after school hours. Though, if there was any complaint for me as a student is the lack of school spirit our sports programs have, the student section turnout is subpar.
No school is ever perfect but Piedra Vista for the most part had great teachers and an entertaining sports program. It was actually enjoyable to go to games.
I would love to see security, support, and overall administration change. Our principles and vice principles aren't very good and seem to care more about scaring kids than helping them. We recently got rid of security this year, and then Aztec had a school shooting. None of us feel very safe. There also isn't very much peer support of each other; there's a lot of stuck-up people.
Piedra Vista High School has A LOT of work to do. It's teachers obviously don't want to be doing what they are doing, they don't prepare you for college or the workforce, and it is quite honestly a waste of my time to attend school here every day. It seems that there are few teachers and administrators who actually care about the well being of their students.
It was a good 4 years at PV and made many friends. PV did a good job giving you the opportunities to prepare for college but only if you really peruse them yourself. I wish there was more offered with the local community college and some find the senior project to be a hindrance when you don't know what you want to do after high school.
I liked Piedra Vista High School because out of the three high schools I went to it was the best academically and there were a lot more classes to chose from. There is also so much diversity and so many clubs and sports to be able to join. I also love the fact that although you may not talk to everybody there everyday we came together like a family when it was needed.
I liked the college readiness some advanced and AP classes gave for college. I think some change should be around the food and making high school more affordable for us as students.
My experience with Piedra Vista was the typical high school experience. I was a student-athlete. I had good teachers and had help along the way on my way to graduating.
Overall it is a fair school, that requires attention to be given to not only students but teachers. Moreover it requires greater ways of inspiring enthusiasm for school and education. Upgrades to its facilities such as in the library and so forth would be nice
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Piedra Vista has been a great school to go to high school at. The teachers push the students very hard and get great academic results from it.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere that was created during my four years. The faculty was not only helpful during my time there but I have stayed in touch with a few of my teachers after graduation as well. The only change that I would hope to see in the future is more emphasis on getting the best grades you can and help you search for scholarships when the time comes to graduate.
The best part of attending Piedra Vista high school is being a student to the best teacher in Farmington.
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