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Piedmont Lakes Middle School Reviews

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The health and safety is decent.The school is pretty safe.We have annual drills and staff and students always have ID.
There are quite a few opportunities. We have art band choir orcestra and many others. We have many clubs and they all are very committed to what they do.The administration is good and takes care of students and disciplines them properly. All sports are after school and practice really hard so they can sin.
So far I have had a great experience. I love Science and Algebra and the classes are very fun.This school is very unique cause we walk outside during the day and has many fun events and sports to do.I would choose this school again cause they staff is great and it has many nice people and many different cultures.
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The teacher do what they can to help students, at least most of them. You get the occasional teacher that is lazy but otherwise most teachers are nice and are really helpful.They keep there gradebooks up to date and make sure students get the highest grades they personally can.They all have different teaching styles and all are very good styles. I like all my teachers and think they try hard.Most love to talk to students and learn about them so they can teach them better.
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